Pregnant Care during Grahan: Tips for Pregnant Women to be safe during Surya Grahan, Chandra Grahanam

Pregnant Care during Grahan: Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse: Tips for Pregnant Women to be safe during Surya Grahan, Chandra Grahanam. Precautions for Pregnant.

Pregnant women are most delicate people to look after at the time of Surya or Chandra Grahan. Many doshams or the bad omen or the fears associated with Grahanam and the pregnant woman. Works to do and works to avoid during this day for pregnant women are mentioned below.

Click here for Chandra Grahan October 8, 2014 Timings

Pregnant women should take some precautions to avoid bad effects of Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan. Many people believe that only Surya Grahan affects the pregnant woman, but it is advisable to follow the mentionaed precautions on the day of Chandra Grahan also. Mantras to recite on the day of Grahan are given in this post.

Tips for Pregnant Women – What to do and what not to do – What to avoid and what to perform during Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan:

  1. The first and foremost precaution that every pregnant woman has to take is to avoid seeing or looking at the Grahanam. Even though, it is visible to naked eye, pregnant women should avoid watching graham.
  2. Stay at home and go out side during the grahanam.
  3. There is a strong belief in some Hindus that wearing or tightening saree clips, hair clips or any other pins or clips will be inauspicious. Avoid wearing or tightening clips.
  4. Avoid cutting vegetables or fruits or any other material. Many Hindus believe that cutting any material will result the pregnant women a cleft organ child.
  5. In some regions, pregnant women avoid sleeping during the Grahanam.
  6. For normal and safe delivery, pregnant women recite Santana Gopala Swamy Mantram and Surya Stotras like Aditya Hridayam and other Surya Mantras, Maha Mritunjaya Stotram.
  7. Santana Gopala Stotra (a mantra to chant during graham by pregnant women) keeps up the health of the pregnant woman as well as the child (Garbhastha Shishu).
  8. Perform snan (bath) before and after the Eclipse.

Santana Gopala Swamy Mantra – Mantra to chant or recite for pregnant women during Grahan:

Om Devaki Sudha Govinda Vasudeva Jagath Pathe
Dehimey Thanayam Krishna Thwameham Saranamgathe !
Kadhahaa Deva Deva Jagannatha Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho
Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram Ayushmantham Yashashreenam !!

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  1. garhan on 10th may 2013 what is the time in uae and what precaution does pregnent woman shuld take

  2. is it necessary to take precaution in pregnancy of solar eclipse when it is not visible in india

  3. pregnant care during grahan: tips for pregnant women to be safe during surya grahan chandra grahanam

  4. hi chandra grahan..let me know when will chandra grahan start and end…I don’t timings..

  5. Hi,
    I am sonali i am 4 month pregnant i just want to know todays chandargrahan ved which timing it is start & when chandragrahan was over.

    can u please give me the reply?


  6. Hello,
    I am 5 months pregnant, and i need to follow the lunar eclipse on 02-04-2013 and solar eclipse on 25-05-2013. I live in mumbai, so what the time will the grahanam be here,

  7. indian astrology answer when pregnant women see lunar eclipse of last year in youtube does it effect

  8. hi i was 3 month pregnant during the 28th November 2012 of lunar eclipse and in Pakistan time mentioned of eclipse 5:15 pm and just before 35 min i cut the pomegranate and ate it..will my baby be effected?

  9. good information about surya grahan pregnancy.. my dr. givin delivery date which is on surya grahan.. will it impact any thing on my child

  10. i am 5 months pregnent live in karnatka 13th nov solar eclipse not found in karnatka do i need to follow any ritual as per hinduism

  11. Hi Amit, if you don’t believe these, keep yourself. It is not intended to scare anyone.. The main purpose of this article is to aware pregnant women about precautions.. What would it harm, if precautions taken..

  12. Stop spreading fear in the name of religion. It is immoral and cruel to scare people with this type of superstition. And especially pregnant women…and their partners. Don’t they have enough to worry about? Shame on you and your website for endorsing and spreading this compete untruth.

  13. Hi i m 4 months pregnant,just wanna know is 13th november 2012 eclipse day?? and if it is can you suggest us the time and i live in china. waiting for your reply,thanks.

  14. Does venus eclips will effect to pragnant women that already past on 6th june?

  15. hi the time there is grahan today i will have to go to the hospital wat should be done to avoid the sunlight??

  16. Hi
    I am 8nths preg and scared of these eclipse,
    Just got to know frm news that it’s surya grahan today. What precautions should we take cause the timing is early in the morng in Mumbai frm 3.40 – to 10.22 we need to be awake? And we should stay home for the whole day or just during d grahan time. Rest I read the details given in hindupad and it’s very helpful will also read the mantra.
    Thanx a lot

  17. i am 7months pregnant staying in kashmir let me plz know when the next eclipse is and from wat time and which day plz

  18. hi, i m 7 month pregnent and staying in dubai ,please let me know the timing off chand grahan .is it passed or not ,if it passed then tell me the date and timing please…. thanks

  19. Hi

    I am five month pregnant and am living in Fiji , do I need to follow rituals and also what time to what time in Fiji

  20. hi am 4 months pregnant,d 4th june eclipse isnot visible in mumbai,even so am i supposed to take ne precautions?

  21. Hi, I am 8 months pregnant and live in central part of United states. What precautions should i take during the eclipse on 4th June?


  22. Hi I m 7 month pregnant I live in duabi pls advise me abt 4 june lunar eclipae is visible in dubai and what precautions I should take

  23. Hi, I am from Mauritius. I would like to know whether my wife will have to take all the precautions though the eclipse is not visible im Mauritius?

  24. Hi naveen I live in California USA here is solar eclipse, Suriya garan at 5:24 at evening time and I am 3 months pregnant I have to stay whole day at home or just that time when here is Suriya garan should I cut any thing whole day , or I have to stop cutting at the same time

  25. thanks a lot for immediate reply.. we will listen to Adithya hrudayam as well as Vishnu Sahasranamam…

  26. Hi.. i am in shenzhen CHINA.. i am 3 months pregnant.. please tell me whether grahan is there in shenzhen..if yes.. tell me what pre cautions we should take care.. waiting for ur reply..

  27. Dear ladies, I was pregnant during the 2010 eclipse & the only precaution I took was not looking directly at the sun, as others people are told to as well. We were b with a healthy daughter in October.
    Good luck with a smooth pregnancy & a child to love forever :)

  28. Hi, i am 7 month pregnant plz tell me the time of surya grahan ,today or tomorrow is surya grahan or not tell me immediately.

  29. Hi i live in Oslo , Norway (Europe). I am pregnant .Is solar eclipse May 2012 in Norway also. If yes at what time . Thank you.

  30. There is no Surya Grahan in Italy in May 2012.. You need to follow any Hindu ritual or guidelines… No problem for pregnant women of Europe during this Grahan…

  31. hi im third month pregnant and live in Italy would you confirm me the timing of the surya grahana 20 may 2012..

  32. I accidentally saw moon during lunar eclipse. I just confirmed pregnent of less than month. Please let me if anything can be done to avoid Dosha.

  33. You do puja tomorrow morning to Lord Vishnu and Shiva pray the Lord to not harm you and your baby.. Feed birds or any other animals tomorrow … (Feeding animals is great thing.. you can continue this till your delivery.. ) Don’t worry much now…

  34. Please advise the Chandra grahan time in Moscow (Russia).As I am pregnant please advise can I watch TV,can go toilet or not?Please advise if I can go out after grahan is finished or not? Waiting for your reply

  35. I am 4month pregnantt im working that time cutting and role the paper.any effect for me and baby.what time should i leave from the office.

  36. eclipse ends only at 12 : 30 in noon.. but visibility is only till 7 : 30 or something.. so am confused sir.. and thanks a lot for answering my questions.

  37. is it safe to go out at 10 30 am?? its visible only in the early morning right.. i have to go to work at 10: 30am.. so am asking..

  38. thanks how long is the grahan? in some places it says it ends at 7 pm in some it says at 930 given below

    Lunar Eclipse in Dubai Time
    Penumbral Eclipse begins at 3.34 PM – Not visible
    Partial Lunar Eclipse starts at 4.46 PM – Not visible
    Total Eclipse begins at 6.06 PM – Visible
    Mid eclipse at 6.32 PM – Visible
    Total eclipse ends at 6.57 PM – Visible
    Partial lunar eclipse ends at 8.18 PM – Visible
    Penumbral lunar eclipse ends at 9.30 PM – Visible

  39. You can eat before 4 Pm and stay inside as much as possible… And comeback to indoor places (home) as soon as possible before 3-4 Pm

  40. can i go outside and come back before grahan starts at 3pm? also, can i eat before the grahan as cannot stay hungry the whole day.

  41. 22weeks of lunar living in qatar.wht time is effecting in qatar.wht can do.and dont do.pls advise me.

  42. In some places, pregnant women sleep during the eclipse… But I recommend pray to the Lord .. chant mantras, slokas, read devotional books, etc. You can go to toilet. Need to do Snan (bath) after the grahan.. (Today, 10 December 2011, at 11 PM). Do not cut anything (vegetables, fruits, etc). Do not eat anything during Grahan time.

  43. In some places, pregnant women sleep during the eclipse… But I recommend pray to the Lord .. (Whichever religion you belong to)… You can do your normal work like reading books, listening to soft music, you can even go to toilet..

  44. Grahan vedh time begins at 9.45 AM IST.. Avoid eating during Grahan Ved kaal.. Ved kaal ends at 9.48 PM IST on December 10, 2011.

  45. i am 6th month pregnant and on 10th dec i am going to face grahan so pls give me some suggestions to have my baby safe without any problems plz rly

  46. I am 5 months pregnant & on 10th dec I’m going to face lunar eclipse,please suggest me some precation for the safety of my baby.

  47. I am 6th month pregnant and on december 10th im going to face a grahan so pls give me some suggestions to have my baby safe without any problems pls reply

  48. i am staying cventry england iam 4 month pregnant please tell me when the next eclips is and from what time and date and day please.

  49. hi

    i am staying sydney australia. i am 6 month pregnant pl tell me i should observe the 25th nov 2011 grahan. if yes how

  50. hi i am 7th mnth pregnant i am not sure wheather i hv to observed 25th nov 2011 grahan or not as i live in china please let me knw before friday

  51. I am 3 months pregnant staying in abudhabi let me please know when the next eclipse is and from what time and which day…pls

  52. hi i am 3 months pregnant staying in Goa. Please tel me what precautions i should take on 1st july that is solar eclipse day.

  53. Hi, I am 4th month pregnant , please suggest me how many grahans are in this year 2011 till december , date pl,& is visible from India,please suggest me what to do or not with effect of that Grahan.

  54. hi I am 4 month pregnant,i am in dubai,tommorow solar eclipse is there or not please suggest me&at what time .please give me reply soon.

  55. Hello I am in my 22 week n on a vaccation in singapore just want to know what time will be the solar eclipse in singapore on 1 julz 2011 please reply soon as its tomo only

  56. thanks for reply , can u please say me can i travel from dubai to india on 1st july,coz my flight is booked and i cant change all 30 june 1st july 2nd july flight are so full cant change , at day time travellling i’ll be in plane does it harm to me ,and u please send me solar eclipse timing in dubai coz in utc im not understanding how to check it ,
    please please do help me ,this would my last question,

  57. hey grls be cool and calm and stay at home.By this these solar and lumar eclipse will nt affact u…

  58. hi I am 8 months pregnant, I just want to know that on 15 june 2011 wht precaution I have to take during the grahan as it’ll start late night so Can I sleep at that time or not

  59. hi,
    i am 5 month pregnant and my question, is this possible to eat foods or vegitables ,drinking water during grahan of today?

  60. hi, i am 5 mth pregnant, what precautions should i take while this 15th june 2011 grahan.
    can i go out during this grahan?????

  61. Hi,

    I am 7 months pregnant in Michigan (EDT time zone) USA. Please tell me the june 15 2011 lunar eclipse timings in EDT ,will it have any bad effects on me? what care should i take?
    Please help me with this..Thanks very much

  62. The Solar eclipse of July 1, 2011 will not be visible in Dubai.. No effect of this on Dubai, UAE.

  63. Hi, im 6 months pregnant and im in dubai , i have read on internet regarding lunar eclipse,ur articles helped me , can u please say me ,june 15 lunar eclipse timings ,on july 1st is thier a eclipse ? if yes ! means what is the timing of it, this is my frist pregnancy so i dont want to take chance,please give me reply soon i would be very thankfull to u , do help me !!!!

  64. hello
    i am now 2 months pergent i am in uk now and i am trvelling to india on 15th june 2011……………………..i want some tips during chandhra graham on that day……………….i am travelling by airways…….

  65. hi i m 3 months pregnant and i just want to know that on 15 june vat precautions i have to take and as the grahan is starting late night so can i sleep at that time or not

  66. Hi, I’m 8 months pregnant, I live in Minnesota, USA. Please let me know what precautions i should take during the solar eclipse which is on JUNE 1st and JULY 1st in 2011… What timings i should follow and all…. thanks..

  67. hi i m wife is fifteen days pregnent. Wht is the time of next wht we will do to protect our child.

  68. Dear Rakhi, the solar eclipse of 2nd June 2011 is not visible in UAE (Dubai). It has no effect and no need to observe any ritual as per Hinduism..

  69. hi , i am 3 months pregnant and live in Dubai. will solar eclipse visible in dubai on 1st june 2011,if visible so at what time of UAE? if not visible in uae so i need to avoid go to out side and take rest at home? plse. let me know.

  70. hi, I am 15thweeks pregnant and i live in Dubai. will the solar eclipse visible in Dubai 2 june 2011, if visible so at what time of UAE? if not visible in Dubai So will any effect of pregrant lady?

  71. Hi, I am 6 months pregnant now. I want to make sure USA does not have effect of Solar eclipse either on 01-Jun-2011 & 01-Jul-2011. I live in Columbus, OH (Central Ohio). Please let me know.

  72. The solar eclipse of 1 & 2 June 2011 has no effect on India. It is not visible in Asian countries (except some areas of Japan, China, and North Korea). No need to observe any rituals associated to Hinduism tomorrow.. Enjoy the peace of mind..

  73. Hello,
    i m 5 months preganant i want to know what i should do on 1 june 2011 when grahan appears. Please suggest me what i should have to do and what should not please give response

  74. Hello, im 3 months eclipise on 1 june 2011 will not
    visible in india. Plz suggest me what precautions
    should i take care? Wt is duration of eclipse? can i go to toilet?wts things not to do. plz reply as soon as possible.

  75. My wife is 3 months pregrant. Can you please help me with the eclipse dates in 2011. Also should not go out and also not eat at any particular time on these days

  76. hi im 3 months pregnant.i want to know what i should do on 1june when grahan appears. please suggest me what i should have to do and what should not……please give response

  77. im am 16 weeks pregnant.I did not get out of the house the whole day today .Nor did i cut anthing,stich anything or did anything wrong.
    I am only worried coz i watched surya grahan on TV while watching NEWS.
    I hope nothing will go wrong.Please reply.

  78. hai i am 2 months pregnanat please suggest that eclipse is in the north side and i stay in secbad AP does it effect becuase i have come to office onthat day 4/1/2011

  79. Hi,
    I have the same query which “Shial” and “GAYATRI” posted on 3 Jan 2011. Please let us know ur view on the same.

  80. My wife is pregnant with 5th month running. We live in Mumbai. Will the solar eclipse of 4th Jan 2011 have any effect in Mumbai? She is a working woman, is it ok for her to go out during the day or should she stay at home? If she goes out are there chances of any harmful effects coming on to her or the baby? Please advise. Many Thanks. Shail

  81. Hi i am 6 months pregnant and stay in Mumbai, today i came to know that on 21st December, 2010 – Gemini (Midhuna raasi), there was Lunar Eclipses. I dont remember what i had done that day. Will it affect my baby..

    Also on 4th January, 2011 – Capricorn (Makara Rashi), there is Surya Grahan, please provide us details of do’s and dont along with the timings of grahan as the same is not mentioned on the calender..

    Please revert asap..

  82. i m 3 months pregnent …i heard that pregnent women should not move even a little …is it right …shall i watch tv at the time of grahana..

  83. Hi,

    On 4th Jan 20111 there is surya grahan. and I am pregant 7month. What precaution should i take. As I am working women.
    Staying in pune.

  84. Surya grahan of 4th Jan 2011 will not be visible in Maharashtra. But there is no loss in following grahan rituals..

  85. I m 6th month pregnant, I m from maharahtra , Should i follow all disciplines of Surya grahan on 4th jan 2011, since its not projecting to maharashtra , & what is the Timming of grahan in maharashtra pls reply me i m waiting for ur reply

  86. Hi,
    I’m 24 weeks Pregnant .Just wondering Is it right that I can’t drink water, go to toilet, can’t sleep during this time ???? Please let me know . Thanks

  87. If you are living in South India, the solar eclipse will not be much effective. It will be seen in North India. But, South Indians also follow the general rituals, especially the pregnant women..

  88. Hi I am 6th month running. I am a south indian this 2011 january 4th is the solar eclipse day. it is true or not.

  89. Hi,

    I am Indian, and I am planning to have pragency, please can you provide me the eclipse date along with the timings for the year 2011. I would like to have the details of eclipse which will effect in south india. Please do the needful.


  90. hi, I hav heard tht on 11july2010 is chandra grahan plz tel me the exact timing as i m 3 month pregnant and i m in abu dhabi plz reply

  91. Hi, I was 5 months pregnant & my baby’s heartbeat stopped. Doctor’s advised to remove the baby. I remember there was a grahan in Jan 2010. I am working & I attended my office that day. I was inside office before the grahan & dint come out during the grahan. Now i m thinking…was that right thing to do? Pls suggest

  92. can anyone tell me about the grahan in June or July 2010. Will it be visible in India and other Asian countries.

  93. I have an important question but its not related to grahan at all.My 28th week is going on right now, the due date is May 27th. Can you please tell me when will my 9th month start. I currently reside in U.S.A. I have to do my baby shower in 9th month but its very difficult to calculate it on month basis as the doctors here calculate it on weeks basis. Any guidance will help. Thank you very much!

  94. No there is no effect of Surya Grahan January 15, 2010, on USA and American residents. If you want to follow the rituals, calculate the corresponding timings in EST…. its around early morning on 15 January 2010….

  95. I want to know if Jan 15 2010 solar eclipse have any effect on pregnant women in USA. I know the eclipse is not visible here. Still should pregnant women take any precaution in USA.
    If yes what are the timings?my time zone is EST ..Thanks

  96. hi I live in Toronto and 2 months pregnant should I keep the grahan on 15 Jan 2010 if yes Please tell me the time thank u

  97. Hi,
    I am staying in Oman . My delivery due date is on 15-01-2010. What kind of precautions i must take, also advice me few tips/ stotrams

  98. . I am staying in Oman. My due date is on15th Jan- 2010 ,so should i take any precautions?. Please advise me.

  99. I am 2 months pregnant. and i need to follow the solar eclipse on 15.01.2010. Last time on Lunar eclips on 31.12.09 i was standing outside is it effective for my baby?

  100. Hello, i am 3 months pregnant and i am actually in Jordan (middle east) – please can someone tel me at what time should i take the precautions here ??? help plz

  101. Hello…
    As per above comments mentioned the eclipse will take place at Universal time 07:07:39 on 15-jan.. Pls advise as per UT china time will be noon 15:07:39.. Am i correct .. and i also want to to know how long it will be..
    Await for your kind reply

  102. Hello.. i’m 2 month pregnant and i live in shanghai (china).. Here what will be the exact time of surya grahan on 15-jan to take precautions.. thanks

  103. HI,

    I heard that pregnant woman should not even move a little at the time of Grahanam, if this is true how to manage for 3+hours without even moving? Can a pregnant woman watch TV, or Sleep, etc. Please Advise.

  104. im 4moths pregnant & staying in dubai. So should i take precautions during this 15th January 2010 Surya Grahan. What should i do & what should not ?? And please tell me the time for which i should take precautions.
    Please advice. Waiting for your reply eagerly

  105. hi im 4months pregnant n staying in pune.15 jan 2010 grahan.u plz tell me i what to do n what not to do………….plz help

  106. im 4moths pregnant & staying in dubai. So should i take precautions during this 31st december 2009 chadra grahan. What should i do & what should not ?? And please tell me the time for which i should take precautions.
    Please advice. Waiting for your reply eagerly.

  107. i am 6 months pregnant,what precauion should i take during pregnancy,on lunareclipse on31st dec 2009,is watching tv harmfull,and from what time i should start taking precautions

  108. I am 9 month and 5 days pregnant, what precaution should i take during this 31st December 2009 Chandra Grahan. Please advise.

  109. Its not true. Pregnant women can read devotional books and their other favorite books. But some elders say that pregnant women should not sleep at the time of Grahan. But it is not mentioned in Grahan rituals. Reading books is the most recommended practice during either solar eclipse or lunar eclipse.

  110. HI,

    I heard that pregnant woman should not even move a little at the time of Grahanam, if this is true how to manage for 3+hours without even moving? Can a pregnant woman watch TV, or Sleep, etc. Please Advise.

  111. hello,

    I am 7th month pregnant, Please tell me can I go out side during the grahana hours I am a working women. Is it safe to go outside?

  112. Hi rekhu,

    You can read Vishnu Sahasranamam, Santana gopala swamy mantram, Mruntyunjaya mantram or any other prayer or any other devotional book. The main purpose of reading or reciting any mantra during Grahan is to get shanti (peace and calmness). You can read any devotional books related to any God during Chandra grahanam or surya grahanam.

  113. hello
    iam 7th month pregnant woman what precaution i should take and which book i should read during chandra grahan.

  114. Hi Tanya,

    Chandra Grahanam on December 31, 2009 or January 1, 2010, will take place at 18:51:38 UT and end at 19:53:51 UT. As per Indian standard time, 22:45 hrs in the night of December 31, 2009 and end at 3:00 hrs in the early morning on January 1, 2010.

    Please calculate this time with universal time calculator for your country. It may Hong Kong or Singapore or any other country.

    Surya Grahan on January 15, 2010, will take place at 07:07:39 Universal Time which corresponds to 11.30 to 3.45 in Indian Standard time.

  115. Hello..
    I am 5 months pregnant. and i need to follow the Lunar eclipse on 31.12.09 and solar eclipse on 15.01.2010//
    I live in Hong Kong.. so what time will the grahan be here.
    thank u .
    shall await you kind reply.

  116. Yes, you can follow the rituals related to Surya Grahan from 21st July night till the Grahan ends. Please dont be afraid of Grahan. Be cool and calm during the Grahan. Maintain mental peace.

  117. HI .

    i am 3months pragenant and i want to know that i should follow the grahan from 21 july when ther is ved starting or only on 22nd .

    Pls help desperate need answer from you.