Jupiter Transit 2015-16 for Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi Guru Peyarchi Palangal

Jupiter Transit 2015-16 for Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2015-2016. Jupiter Transit Predictions for Dhanussu Rashi. Guru Peyarchi Palan 2015-2016 for Sagittarius Moon sign. What is the effect of Guru Peyarchi on Dhanu Rashi?

Visakha Nakshatra 4th pada, Anuradha Nakshatra, Jyeshta Nakshatram 1, 2, 3 padas are categorized under Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio Moon Sign).

Guru Peyarchi will be taking place on 5 July 2015 as per some Tamil calendars and South Indian calendars. It is differs as per the Panchangams like Thirukkanitha Panjangam, Suddha Vaakkiya Panjangam, Drik Siddhantha Panchangam, Purva Siddhantha Panchangam, etc.. depending on whichever is practically convenient.

Some Telugu calendars predict that Guru Sankramanam into Simha Rashi will take place on 14 July 2015 at 6.26 AM.

Guru Bhagavan, Jupiter, is transiting from Karka Rashi (Cancer) to Simha Rashi (Leo). Guru Bhagavan is transiting into your 9th house from the 8th house ( 9th House Jupiter Transit).

Effects of Jupiter Transit 2015-2016 on Dhanussu Rashi Natives

Career, Finance, Business, Family Relations, Education, Health

This Jupiter transit in 9th sign brings some fortune for Dhanu Rashi natives. Its almost an excellent time for starting new ventures or activities.

In terms of Financial aspects, this transit is a wonderful time for you. Monetary gains in all activities are on cards.

Natives of Dhanu Rashi are very much into religious activities during this period. Its the best time for noble deeds like charity, etc,.

During this period, native leads a comfortable life with all luxurious needs.

Several new relationships may open up.

Health wise, its a good time even though some minor ailments may suffer you a bit.

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  1. deepak khanna says:

    guruji…..my d.o.b. is 13th jan 1964 ,time 15;31, place Bombay. what will be the effect of this transition on me.