Grihapravesh dates 2018-2019 | Griha Pravesh Muhurat dates in 2018-2019

Grihapravesh dates 2018-2019, Griha Pravesh Muhurat dates in 2018-2019.. Here are the Griha pravesh 2018-2019 dates. Gruhapravesh, Grihapravesh, Gruhapravesham, Grah pravesh is the house warming ceremony or moving into new house as per Hinduism.

Grihapravesha is the most important ceremony in the sequence of events for construction of a building. Entering a house for the first time is done at an auspicious time after conducting poojas and havana (homa).

The important conditions for election of auspicious time for Grihapravesha, applied in Hindupad are as follows: Auspicious week days, Auspicious Nakshatra, Auspicious Tithi, Auspicious Nityayogas, Auspicious Karana, etc.

Apart from these common Panchanga shuddi checks, the general astrological quality based on the horoscope for the moment is also analysed. Also, the factors such as Solar and Lunar eclipses, Sankranti and Sandhyakalam  are  considered during the Muhurtha search.

There are variations in regional practices for selecting Muhurtha for Grihapravesha. You are advised to take these factors also into consideration while selecting a Muhurtha from the list of time slots provided by Hindupad.

Grihapravesha is better done in Uttarayana rather than Dakshinayana. Lunar months of Makha, Phalguna, Vaishakha and Jyeshta are considered most favourable.

For Customised and personalised Grihapravesha Muhurtham, write to [email protected] with subject line of ‘Grihapravesh Muhurat’. Please note that this is a paid service.

This article provides you the list of Grahpravesh dates in 2018-2019 with all details like nakshatra, lagna, amsha, rashi, and shubh muhurat for the day which is suitable for Gruha pravesham.

Grihapravesh Muhurat 2018-2019

Grihapravesh Muhurthams in January 2018

There is no Grihapravesh Muhurtham in January 2018 as Moodam prevails during this month.

Grihapravesh Muhurthams in February 2018

There is no Grihapravesh Muhurtham in first 3 weeks of February 2018 since it is Moodam.

23 February 2018, Friday, Shukla Ashtami, Rohini Nakshatra, Kanya Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.24 PM to 9.29 PM.

24 February 2018, Saturday, Shukla Navami, Mrigashira Nakshatra, Kanya Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.20 PM to 9.25 PM.

24 February 2018, Saturday, Shukla Dasami, Mrigashira Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9.25 PM to 11.35 PM.

26 February 2018, Monday, Shukla Dwadashi, Punarvasu Nakshatra, Kanya Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.12 PM to 9.17 PM.

26 February 2018, Monday, Shukla Dwadashi, Punarvasu Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9.17 PM to 11.27 PM.

For Customised and personalised Grihapravesha Muhurtham, write to [email protected] with subject line of ‘Grihapravesh Muhurat’. Please note that this is a paid service.

Grihapravesh Muhurthams in March 2018

1 March 2018, Thursday, Purnima, Magha Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7 PM to 9.05 PM

1 March 2018, Thursday, Purnima, Magha Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9.05 PM to 11.15 PM

2 March 2018, Friday, Krishna Pratipada, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9.05 PM to 11.08 PM

4 March 2018, Sunday, Krishna Tritiya, Hasta Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 8.55 PM to 11 PM

5 March 2018, Monday, Krishna Chaturthi, Chitra Nakshatra, Kanya Lagna. Auspicious Time = 6.46 PM to 8.45 PM

8 March 2018, Thursday, Krishna Saptami, Anuradha Nakshatra, Kanya Lagna. Auspicious Time = 6.35 PM to 8.35 PM

8 March 2018, Thursday, Krishna Saptami, Anuradha Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 8.39 PM to 10.45 PM

10 March 2018, Saturday, Krishna Navami, Moola Nakshatra, Kanya Lagna. Auspicious Time = 6.26 PM to 8.10 PM

10 March 2018, Saturday, Krishna Navami, Moola Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 8.35 PM to 10.35 PM

10 March 2018, Saturday, Krishna Navami, Moola Nakshatra, Vrischika Lagna. Auspicious Time = Night 10.45 to 12.30

12 March 2018, Monday, Krishna Ekadashi, Uttarashada Nakshatra, Vrischika Lagna. Auspicious Time = Night 10.45 to 12.30

For Customised and personalised Grihapravesha Muhurtham, write to [email protected] with subject line of ‘Grihapravesh Muhurat’. Please note that this is a paid service.

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  1. jyothi says:

    tomorrow house shifting muhurtham cheppandi. 28 Dec 2017

  2. T harikrishna padmalatha says:

    Tomorrow tent house shifting in muhurtham timing 10/12/2017

  3. Swapna says:

    Please may i know good dates for shifting room in this november month .
    M name swapna
    My husband name thirupathi

  4. Jambula MADHUKARREDDY says:

    Good morning,plz tell me gruha pravesham dates in November 12 after,name MADHUKARREDDY,laxmi

  5. Ravikumar says:

    I want to shift my house to another house kindly suggest good days for October 2017

  6. Bhanusiva says:

    What is the date to do grahapravesh before Oct 17? Star is poor am…

  7. chandana b.c says:

    hellow sir.. its chandana Manjunath
    which date is good for to entry a new home in this 2017 October month.. plz suggest good date…

  8. Arya Kunwar says:

    Pranam !!

    My Name is Arya Kunwar
    DOB 15-Jan-1987
    Birth Place – Mughalsarai

    Married to Komal Sharma
    DOB 18-Aug-1986
    Birth Place – Saharanpur

    Marriage date 02-Jul-2017 (Gurgaon)

    Recently purchased new house in Delhi. Plz suggest suitable Griha Pravesh Muhurat.

  9. Ranjani says:

    hi please suggest a good date between nov 2nd and nov 15th for house warming .my husband nakshatram is revathi and mine is mrugasira.

  10. Richa says:

    Please suggest an auspicious date in October for Grihprawesh puja.

  11. P. RAMACHANDRAN says:

    Please let me know the auspicious day, time etc. for Grahaprevesam in the month of Virchigam (Karthigai)

  12. Rakes Kumar Srivastava says:

    Kindly confirm the best dates of subh Grin pravesh in October and November 2017 in the city of Ghaziabad. U.P.

  13. Zukanthan says:

    I was born on 01st of august in 1974 and nakchatam is pooradam. I have to go to my new home at october,2017 so please let me know what is the date suitable to enter to the home?

  14. Nanjundeeswari says:


    We would like to move to a new rented home after October 15, 2017. Please tell us the possible nearest good dates that we can shift into new home.

    My name: Nanjundeeswari dob: 26/08/1989
    My husband ‘s name: Mohanraj dob: 27/08/1987

  15. AJIT kumar singh says:

    Which a good date Nov 2017 Grieah pravesh in Varanasi up

  16. OP Agrawal says:

    could you please inform us the auspicious days for Grah pravesh in AndhraPradesh between 23rd Nov to 15 th Dec2017.

  17. Rekha says:

    Which is a good date in September to do gruha pravesham in Hyderabad. My husband name Ajay raj varma.

  18. Sujatha says:

    Is 23rd Sept is a good date to do gruhapravesham?
    Im from Malaysia

  19. Haresh says:

    Please send me details date for vastu puja in month of October and November 2017

  20. NAVDEEP SAINI says:

    May i know best house warming muhurat in november, my DOB-07/04/1977 time 9:30 PM.


  21. Srinu says:

    Helloo sir please tell me that gruhapravesham muhurats for newhouse in September and october 2017 .my father name is srinivas and mother name is suvarna.

  22. Srinu says:

    Gruhapravesham for new house dates in September and october 2017 my father name is srinivas

  23. Karthik says:

    which is the best day to shift rented home in September sir..

  24. Priya says:

    Dear sir,
    My husband’s rasi is dhanusu & myself kumbam. We decided to shift our own house, already did Ganapathy homam.. after 3 years (due to delay in construction works by builder) suggest me auspicious date to shift. Builder promised to handover key by oct17. only few work pending , work is in progress..

  25. sathyakala says:

    suitable grihapravesham date in december 2017. my star is atham and husband uthrittathi. we are living in thiruvananthapuram

  26. Raj Kumar Sharma says:

    what are the Mahurat date & time in September.
    City Jaipur
    Lat 26-50-17 N
    Long 75-44-18 E
    My Name : Raj Kumar Sharma
    Date/Time/Place of Birth: 28-Mar-1967 ; 11:30 AM, Delhi

  27. Rupa says:

    Hello.kindly let me know any good days in September month for housewarming.

  28. Vanapalli laxmanrao says:

    Hi sir my name is v.laxmanrao date of birth 29.10.1984 I’m gruhaprawesh in rented house in this month pl tell date sir.

  29. Jyoti says:

    Namaste pandit ji, i m planning to have grahpravesh pooja during navratre September’ 2017..location is in Hyderabad, Telengana.
    Could u plz suggest shubh dates from 21st sep to 30th September for grahpravesh(new house warminh pooja)…

  30. Renjith says:

    Dear sir
    Kinday let me know Aug 26th is good day for housewarming.
    Dob 15.03.1984
    Time. 11.30am

  31. Menaka says:

    Please suggest me the good dates for Griha Pravesh in September and October month in Kolkata.
    My name is Menaka
    DOB – 4/1/1969

  32. Muraleedharan Nair says:

    Good day for grihapravesam September 2017

  33. praveen says:

    can we make a new house pooja on 03/09/2017 at time 09:00 AM.
    Praveen Kumar
    Faridabad New delhi

  34. Sunil says:

    Hi I am Sunil deshmukh, I live in the UK. I want to move into a rented property next week. Please can you suggest a good day to initiate the move.

  35. Meera Gupta says:

    Han beta
    I am Meera,my date of birth is 18-5-1962,my husband’s date of birth is-19-9-1957 ,name is Amitabh, mujhe and mere husband ko grah pravesh k lie kaon sa month and date between september to january ,grah pravesh muhurth k lie theek rahegi ,pl. Bataiye.

  36. Dr. Naresh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are moving to new house on August 25th 2017…
    Kindly let me know the ideal date…

    Thank you

  37. Ankit @ Rucha says:

    Dear sir , what is the best date and time to change house in August 2017 after 15th in Sydney Australia as pet Indian astrology .please advice .!

  38. M V H Rao says:


    Please suggest Gruhapravesh dates for August month 2017.

    My birth nakshatra Pushyami.

  39. Swetha says:

    Plz suggest a dates for gruhapravesham sep to nov for purchesed house my husbend name is ravikumar dob 17.1.1983.

  40. Lata Gundimeda says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please suggest auspicious dates for griha pravesh on Sept-October’ 2017. Birth details given below
    Lata Gundimeda : DOB-15.01.1976
    Sunil Gundimeda: husband- 24.12.1977
    Siddharth Gundimeda: Son – 03.12.2003
    Lata Gundimeda

  41. lata gundimeda says:

    we both mrigasrira nakshatra, please suggest for auspisious griha pravesh dates from september-october 2017

  42. Ankur says:

    Grihapravesh Puja’s dates in Aug2017

  43. Rushada Suraj Pednekar says:

    My rashi is Meen, Husband – Dhanu, Daughter – Tula. Which dates and timings are auspicious for us to enter in new house between August and September.

  44. Samba says:

    Good date for move to new home on this mouth (I.s August 2017), my father’s name Veeraswamy. residency at telangana paloncha navabharath .
    Plas tel good day…

  45. Veera Narasimha Prasad says:

    My janma nakshatra is chitra nakshatra. I want gruha pravasam dates from 21st Sept

  46. Harsh says:

    I want to shift in august to my house built above current house, can i shift in august if not then tell me the right time and date .and what i have to do after shifting to my new house.

  47. Sobana.R says:

    Sir, My son in laws star is “Avittam”,Poorattathi rasi.My daughter star “Bharani” & “Mesham’ rasi.
    They need a date for house warming between nov 20 to december 15th 2017.
    Kindly suggest

  48. Ravishekara S says:

    which is the good dates for Graha Pravesha in September / october 2017 my Name is Ravishekara S and Swathi nakshatra in mangalore area

  49. Ravikumar adari says:

    My name is ravikumar adari we are planning for gruhapravesam after 26 th july please send suitable date and time.
    My details
    Ravikumar adari
    Visakhapatnam dist
    Mithuna raasi
    Aarudra nakshatram

  50. AB says:

    Please help need days in August to move into home. Live in south africa

  51. Vanitha says:

    we are planning to do the Gruhapravesha in the month of August. Please let me know the best Muhurtha
    Place: Bangalore
    My Birth Rashi is : Vrusabha and my Husband is : Jeshta

  52. Binod Ram says:

    May I know auspicious date for grihparwesh in July, 2017

  53. rathna says:

    my i know auspicious dates for gruhapravaesham in july and august my nakshatram is mrugasira 4 pada

  54. Dr.R.Sharma says:

    can we do grahpravesh on 21st july,2017…although we have planned to shift inour new house in month of august,2017.In pooja my parents will perform the rituals…their names are s.p. sharma & shanti sharma…please reply.

  55. Sreelekha says:

    I need to be shifting to the new rental house my husband date of birth is 31 October 1976 my 16 12 72 my daughters 4th may 2008 and 1st may 2015 14th July is good day?

  56. sasi says:

    my name is Sasi(Mrugasira nakshetra) and my husband name is Ramesh(Rohini nakshetra) suitable date for grihapravesam inthe month of july

  57. B C Ramesha says:

    Good day for gruhapravesham in the month of august

  58. Aradhana kumar says:

    Humne apne Naye ghar ka grihpravesh muhurt 29 July 2017 rakha hai rudrabhisekh k sath.kya aap bata sakte hai ki ye din Subh hai ya nahi. thanks

  59. Ritika says:

    Any griha pravesh muhurats in September or October 2017 for Greater Noida location?

  60. vidhya says:


    We are planning to move in new house in July. Can you please let us know what is the best date after July 10th ?.

  61. Shikha Arora says:

    Hi , could you please advise if 17th /18th of August is a good day for housewarming ?

  62. Nanthinni says:

    My name is nanthinni.i born 27.03.87 born places iyangar boyfrends name is vinotraja born 25.7.80. He born in chennai tamil nadu.we want married on 25.7.2017. We can married this day.

  63. sachin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please suggest Grihapravesha dates in the late of July and in the early of August.

  64. sachin says:

    Dear sir,
    Could you suggest griha pravesha muhuraras in late july and in early August based on my jatak
    DoB 04th July 1984 11.45am
    Souse:08/june 198710.30 am
    thanks in advamce

  65. K.Vijayan Pillai says:

    Date and time for Grahapravesham between 1st July, 2017 to 15.07.2017.
    at Delhi.

  66. Saleena says:

    Hi Sir my date of birth is 18th July 1988 plz suggest me which day is good for house warming in 2017 July

  67. Saleena says:

    My dob 18th July 1988 which day is good for house warming in July 2p17

  68. Romy says:

    I am born on 29th June 2017.
    Pooram nakshathram
    I have constructed a house in cherthala. Alappuzha district, kerala.
    We wish to have the house warming during the month of July 2017.
    Can you suggest few aupecious dates in July 2017. I am staying abroad and my wife and my parents would be performing the house warming

  69. reena says:

    hi which is the good in july for Griha pravesh in kerala

  70. Sridevi says:

    Hi we performed gurhapravesham on 3rd June n can we shift house any day after gurhapravesham I mean in Asadam.please check n advice

    • If you live in the house for first three days (its usual to stay in gruhapravesham house and light deepam for first three days), you can shift it in Jyeshta Masam also.. Ashadam begins on 24 June. If you want you can shift in Ashada Masam also, there is no restriction in it.

  71. Gangadhar and JY says:

    Which is a good date in July /August 2017 for Griha Pravesh in Mangalore? My Birth Rashi: Simha and my wife is born in Rohini. We both own the house.


  72. sachin says:

    May I know any other dates for July 2017

  73. pinky says:

    grha pervsah best mohrat in july to november 2017

  74. shubham sharma says:

    Good but i want to know which date is perfect for grihapravesh 2017 in between june to october for all rashi

  75. H Karthik says:

    May I know auspicious date for grihapravesham in June. My wife’s nakshataram is swathi.

  76. Prasad LP says:

    I propose house warming in june 2017
    Star myself Atham
    Wife Visakgam
    Daughter Avittam(Not stayingwith me)
    Son Moolam
    Which is suitable dates in june 2017

  77. G.RAMARAJ says:

    My D.O.B. 9_10_65 Uthirattathi_ Meena rasi,
    Wife d.o.b.03/11/71 kruthigai _ Mesa rasi

    Suitable Grahapravesam date in July 17 or August 17

  78. Sujeetha says:

    Dear Sir,
    We would like to House warming ceremony (Australia Queensland)in June/ August.
    My husband Star – Anusham, virichika Rashi.
    Me- Revathy, Meena Rashi
    Son- Keddai, virushikam
    Daughter- punarpoosam, kadakam.
    Could you please send the suitable dates in june/ August?

  79. Sanjay Kumar says:

    29 July is suitable for me for grih pravesh or not?

  80. chitikena satya venkata rayudu says:

    Hello sir we decided to gruhapravesam on 31-05-2017,at 3-54am early hours of 1-6-2017.
    My star Ashwini, my wife star it auspicious time for gruhapravesam. Pls suggest me
    My name. Satya Venkata Rayudu

    My wife name Deepika devi

  81. Salvakumar says:

    I want do house warming on September 2017..can help went is good day and why?
    But now we staying in the house oready 2years ..
    Me . Salvakuma 22/10/1969-48age
    Wife. Vanida Yamyen14/12/1976-41age

  82. chhotu singh says:

    i want shifting other rent home when enter in new house in may 2017 my name is chhotu singh DOB 21.6.1988 in jodhpur BZS

  83. Rakesh kumar says:

    Any subh date in July or August for griha prwaesh plz jharkhand ..ranchi

  84. Lakshmi Subha Kambham says:

    Hi sir ,
    could you please suggest me which day is good in July/ august 2017 for gruha pravesam in Bangalore.

    Name : lakshmisubha
    DOB : 19/06/1987 8:10pm


  85. Aradhana kumar says:

    Is 29 July is suitable for grih pravesh

  86. Himanshu Kumar Rajesh says:

    Please suggest me date of grih pravesh between 27th July 2017 to 2nd August 2017 for my new apartment. My name is Himanshu Kumar Rajesh DOB 5th March1964.

  87. Rajani Venkatesh says:

    Hello Sir/Mam,

    We are planning to move to our newly constructed house in June. Please suggest auspicious dates for the same.

    My name is Rajani, DOB : 2/9/1981, Nakshathra – Chitta, Rasi – Tula
    My husband’s name is Venkatesh, DOB: 1/3/1980 , Nakshathra – Magha, Rasi – Simha

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajani Venkatesh

  88. bharathi ganesh says:

    Ganesh murthy, dOB 19-11-1996, Saturday, 11.38AM , Wife name : Bharathi, DOB : 27-09-1971, please suggest us the suitable date for Grihapravesham and shifting to new house .

  89. Sowjanya says:

    My name is Sowjanya and my nakshatra is Punarvasu.And my husband’s name is Shivakumar and his nakshatea is Uttara Phalguni.We are planning to do our house warming in the month of July 2017.Please suggest date.

  90. mr. Thomas Abraham says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please suggest suitable date for Grihapraveshem in (July 25 th to August 10th.)

    My Star – Pooyam
    My DOB – 7/8/1975
    My Wife Star – Poorurutati
    My Wife DOB – 24/02/1982

  91. Moolaram says:

    Dear sir,
    I am Moolaram from poonasar Jodhpur. I want to enter a new house. Please suggest me good time for this.

  92. Shreeram says:

    is july 3rd, 2017 good for pushya star people? The ceremony will be done in Bangalore, Karnataka. The house to rent only for the time being. My wife’s star is poorvabhadra. Which is best suited for this date?

  93. uma says:

    I want to conduct gruha pravesham in November 2017. Is it auspicious. Please reply

  94. Satish nanda says:

    Grah pravesh date june or july 2017 at faridabad my name Satish Nanda d.o.b. 08 Aug. 1954 and my wife name Saroj Nanda d.o.b. 26 Dec.1955

  95. P.s.depteesry says:

    June 7 is good day for house warming

  96. Srinivas Rao Chekuri says:

    We want to perform grubs pravesham between 15 june2017 to 15 July 2017. My name is Srinivas Rao don 06/11/1948 my wife name Sita Rama Lakshmi don 02/01/1954. Please suggest auspicious day.

  97. srinivas says:

    Is house warming ceremony good before amavasya… Please guide me… Pranam

  98. Raghabendra Sinha says:

    Sir, my name is Raghabendra Sinha(28-06-1977) and my wife name is Seema Rani Sinha(26-11-1983). We are looking for a griha pravesh date after May 13. Location is Bangalore, please provide us a date.

  99. Pramanaprasad says:

    Sir, my mother name is Naga bala hema sundari, birth star was Hasta and I requesting u to give good muhurtham for gruhapravesam in June or july

  100. ragesh says:

    please send me grihapravesh days for may 2017

  101. Anjana Gupta says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We would like to do grahpravesh in Delhi upto 10th of May2017
    Me Anjana Gupta dob is 27th July1975 husband name Vivek Gupta dob is 12th January1971
    Pl suggest good date asap.
    With Regards
    Anjana Gupta&Vivek Gupta

  102. Venkateswarlu says:

    Dear sir,my name is Venkateswarlu (Dob:14-01-1983),my wife name is sireesha(dob:16-10-1989),may 1st is good day for houses warming ceremony could you please check & please send reply

  103. Rambabu Paladugu says:

    April month lo manchi roju for house shifting

  104. skumar says:

    Can someone please let me know the auspicious dates for Gruhapravesam in Irvine California.

    My DOB: 27th November 1981 Friday 1:00 PM IST
    Nakshatram: Jhesta (4th padam)
    Raasi: Vruchika

    My Wife DOB: 27th July 1988
    Nakshatram: Purvashada
    Raasi: Dhanus

  105. Ramesh says:

    Grahapravesh date in Aug or Sep-2017.
    Note: My home Main door was in West Direction…Suggest Possible date

  106. Deepa Sedhu says:


    We have planned our new house warming ceremony on May 17th 2017 is the date is good, pls
    reply my husband nakshatram is Magam & mine is Pooratathi.

  107. Umadevi says:

    My name is Umadevi my dob is 23rd nov 1971 please tell me gruha pravesha muhurtham in may 2017

  108. Vaishali n sorathia says:

    Grahpravesh muhurat in May 2017 my rashi vrishbha my husband vrushik rashi please tell good muhurat
    Live in kutch


    sir our house warming ceremony we plan may 1 st 2017 in between 9 am to 9.10 am.Is it good time (karthika and uthradam nakshtram)

  110. shaji Vaikkath says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to do House Warming Ceremony in Vadakara(Calicut)on August-2017
    my Star is Anizham& MY Wife Star is Thiruvathira
    please advice a good date

  111. Payal says:

    14april 2017is good day for kumbh ceremony.

  112. Amudhamani says:

    We would like to do gruhapravesham in month of May/Jun 2017 my nakshatram is kirthigai rishabha rasi my husband revathi nakshathiram meena rasi n what pools to be performed


  113. Trilok Chand Verma says:

    my date birth is 19th April 1973
    may I do Nutan Grih Pravesh on 6th May-2017

  114. S.Muruganandham says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to do House Warming Ceremony in Chennai on June-2017
    my Star is Chithirai & MY Wife Star is Revathi
    please advice the good date

  115. Indra says:

    Warming ceremony for april the good day

  116. Ashis says:

    Our dob are 18th feb and 22 Nov. Kindly suggest greh pravesh date april onwards.

  117. M.ANAND says:

    : Magam Pls give me a date for moving to a new house in JUNE 2017…Grahapravesam pooja already done last year

  118. Prakash reddy Tavadi says:

    What is best day for new gruha pravesh in May 2017 for me name prakash reddy T . kanya Rashi

  119. Vrushank Shah says:

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Vrushank and my wife is Sonam, We live in Palatine Il 60067 USA.
    Please suggest dates for Gruha Pravesh in May & June 2017.We wish to do Vaastu and Chandipath
    Procedures in August 2017.
    We expect your valuable advise at your earliest.

  120. priya says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good Evening!!

    Please suggest best girhapravesh dates in may/june 2017

    Husband star-Mirugasirusham
    for me-swathi

  121. Ashok says:

    Auspicious days for Gruhpravesh in April 2017

  122. naren says:

    please suggest good dates in may 2017

  123. vskandari says:

    kindly suggest me the dates of Grah prevesh in april myDOB Is 03 oct 1963, zodiac sign is pisces .zodiac name DEVENDRA SINGH from uttarakhand.

    place of Grah pravesh New Delhi

  124. Mahendra Padiya says:

    Chaitra mash me grih pravesh karna hai to kya kare ?

  125. Krupali K says:

    My rasshi is Kanya & Nakshatra is Chitra.
    Pls guide me for take a possession of my house and good date for warming Ceremony

  126. Venkata Ganesh says:

    Please let me which days are good for house warming during May 2017 with my name.

  127. S. Sudha says:

    Pls tell me grihapravesham muhurtham in vaigasi month 2017. My natchathiram is karthigai

  128. Laxmi narayan says:

    Pls suggest gruha prabesh date

  129. Narayanaswamy.V. says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please suggest auspicious dates for Grihapravesham in May & july.
    My date of birth is 05/05/1960, time of birth 8:30 AM.
    My wifes date of birth is 16/2/1964,
    My childern dates of birth, 02/6/1987 & 03/01/1992.

    Thank you
    With regards

  130. Sunitha Harinarayan says:

    I’m staying in New Jersey my agreement ends on Apr 30 , and would like to move to a rented house on Akshaya Thritya Apr 28, pls let me know

  131. Roshni Bhure says:

    28th March 2017 is proper date for vastu or not.

  132. Revathi says:

    Hi dis is revathi, please suggest me date for gruhapravesam after Mar 25 to below April 2.

    My star: Swathi & my husband star : punarvadam.

    Please suggest me immediately.

  133. K.V. Srinivas says:

    Plz suggest Griha Pravesh dates from 17th March to 30th March 2017 for my sister Mrs.Shamshadbegum & Mr.Shafiuddin
    Plz need urgency

  134. Komalavalli says:

    Hi can i have my gruha pravesh function on 14th apri

  135. Manohar C K says:

    Dear Sir,

    Myself Manohar C K,( Shravana Nakshatra – Makara Rasi ).Could you please suggest a suitable date for my house warming ceremony in the month of May & June 17.

  136. mallika says:

    Hello sir I would like to do my greha pravesh in march during the date of 29th march my date of birth is 22 may 1972. Pls suggest alternatives for march

  137. RAVINDER says:

    Please provide me Grihapravesh muhurtahm in April 2017

  138. Manohar C K says:

    Dear Sir,Myself Manohar,Shravana nakshatra Makara rashi,
    Please suggest a suitable dates & time for house warming in the month of May and June.

  139. rashmi suresh says:

    hello sir,
    Can you please suggest 2,3 good dates in june 2017 for house warming in Maharashtra (Thane)
    thanks in advance.
    Rashmi Suresh.

  140. B.sudarsana says:

    Gruhapravesam March 2017 krutika 4th padha, satabisham 2nd padha please good date for house thanking u

  141. Parvatham thiyagarajan says:

    Dear sir,mine avittam,kumva radio Husband has than,kanya rasi date for house warming in May

  142. Pratima says:

    I wish to organize griha prawesh puja on 2nd april 2017. Is it a good day?

  143. Ashok shivalingappa says:

    Dear sir
    I am Ashok from Karnataka I am mesha raashi …I could you pls suggest me a suitable dates for newly constructed house warming ceremony in the month of march end and April first weak of 2017 pls

  144. AKASH PATHAK says:

    Sir I want auspicious date for grih pravesh in the month of may 2017,DOB is 3rd jan 1973 ,chaibasa jharkhand.presently I m in Rohtak Haryana.i have reconstructed my old home.plz suggest date.regards

  145. Shashiprabha Ganesh says:

    Sir can we perform grihapravesha on 15 April 2017 I.e 14 night vasthu homa and 15 grihapravesha?
    My name is shashiprabha, nakshatra- uttarashada; rashi- Dhanu
    My husband’s name is Ganesh, nakshatra- poorvabadra; rashi-kumbha
    We live at Mangalore, place of residence is shakthinagar.

  146. Ashok Kumar Sana says:

    Hi ,
    I am ashok Kumar Mesha rashi bharani nakshtram second padam would like to perform house warming for new house..kindly let me know the muhurtam in month of May and June 2017..
    ashok kumar.

  147. Divya says:

    Could you pls suggest Grih pravesh dates based on Nakshatras. My nakshatra is Uttara Bhadra & my husband’s is Poushya. Pls suggest any dates between 20th March till 30th April

  148. ASHOK SAINI says:

    Please suggest a suitable Grihapravesh date and time at bhayander Mumbai according to my name.

    Birthday 17.08.1976

  149. p s naidu says:

    i am p s naidu, could you plz suggest a suitable date for gruha pravesa muhoortham in the month of april , DOB: 04-09-1975, TIME: 02:20PM, JANMA NAKSHATRAM: AASHLESHA, JANMA LAGNAM: DHANUR LAGNAM

  150. Chethana says:

    Can we do gruhapravesha on 29th April 2017 Sat? Basava jayanthi festival day.

  151. Emy says:

    my name emy ; DOB 05/10/1984 .MY HUS Name samson ;22/04/1974. which month and which day good for house warming (Sep – Dec- 2017)

  152. Seema chandan says:

    Namaskar Sir,we want to take possession of our flat in march,pls suggest some auspicious dates n time .my husband’s DOB is 20/1/1969time 7am at shimla n mine is 7/6/1971 at 7am sunder Nagar HP, regards Seema flat is located in gurgaon

  153. Sereesha says:

    My Nakshatram is Vishaka 1st padam Tula Rasi. Please suggest me a good house warming ceremony date in the month of November 2017. My house is at Narasapuram West Godavari District.

  154. karuna sharma says:

    pl tell date for greh pravesh my dob 8.12.57 karuna husband 5.12.1949 pirthi and son 20.7.1988 nayhel sharma in feband march 2017

  155. suresh says:

    Please suggest me Grih pravesh (New Delhi) 2017 in February to may

  156. Ashok says:

    Would like to know auspecious date and timing for housewarming in the month of May and June 2017

  157. Jagjeewan says:

    Name jagjeewan ram sharma& Pramila Sharma place Bhopal.please suggest me house warming dates in February 17

  158. R R sravan Kumar says:

    Sir please suggest gruhaprevasam dates for name priya&pavan in Feb 2017.

  159. Mukesh Kumar says:

    My self Mukesh kumar and wife name is sabita devi.My ras name is sudhir. Plz suggest me subh muhurt for grihprvesh in Mar 2017as per hindu ritual.
    plce badlapur chikhloli Mumbai.

  160. S.Balasundaram says:

    Dear Sir
    Am Mesha Rasi from Coimbatore
    Could you please suggest a suitable date for my house warming ceremony in the month or April 2017

  161. Geetha says:

    Please suggest dates for grihapravesh in may or June 2017 my nakshtra is uttara 1st padha and my husband’s is ashwini

  162. Shalini kumari says:

    Husband name -shriman narayan shandilya, DOB- 29th sep.1975 , time-10.30 pm.
    Sir ,subh grihpravesh ka din batayen 2017 me holi ke bad.

  163. karicheti sudhakar says:

    sir my name sudhakar
    wife name venkata suneetha
    please suggest good date for Grihapravesham in Feb 2017

  164. S m says:

    Hi . We wish to perform Griha Pravesh on 1st feb 2017 in Pune India . Our birthdates are 14 feb and 29 jan . Plz suggest a good time.

  165. hemlata upadhyay says:

    We want to perform house warming ceremony of our feb or march2017 my nakshtra is pushya and zodac sign is cancer pl tell auspicious date
    regards h

  166. Sharmi says:

    Hi ,
    Please suggest good date for Grihapravesham in Feb 2017.
    My nakshatram is uttradam- makara rasi.
    My daughters nakshatram is thiruvathirai .


  167. A Kumar says:


    Please suggest good auspicious dates for Grihapravesham after 4th Jan 2017.

    My nakshatram is revathi 4th padam / ashwini 1st padam.

    My wife nakshatram is Bharani


  168. Srinivas rao says:

    We want to perform Gruhpraveah ceremony for a new house at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
    Is there any date suitable in December 2016. Or else in January 17.
    House in Name of: Bandaru Jyothi (female)
    Date of birth: 7th Sept 1967

    Srinivas Rao

  169. Raminder beaslay says:

    Hlo sir.
    Cud u plz suggest me griha pravesh muhurat for december 2016 in Delhi.
    My name is miss raminder beaslay.
    Dob 13/11/1970
    Tob 19:30 faridabad Haryana
    Thanks in advance.
    I will b ever grateful.

  170. sindhu says:

    my husband name is Chinnappa ARao nakshatra is uttarabhadra and my name is Sindhu and nakshatra purvaphalguni. we have to do gruhapravesha fromm 23 to 26 December 2016. Please suggest auspicious day and time.

  171. venkat says:

    I am planning to shift house in Dec. Please let me know which day is good?

  172. sreekanth says:

    my nakshtra is uttarabadra and my wife’s is Revathi nakshatram can you please suggest a date in Decmebr for my flat house warming.

  173. Vishwanath says:

    I want to Gruhapravesh in Dec 2016 my nakshatra is vishaka and name is Vishwanath and place is in hyderabad

  174. Kodandapani says:

    i want to plan griha pravesham in nov2016. plz suggest which date is better for me.
    my name is Kodandapani(punarvasu3rd pada)

  175. venkatesh bm says:

    November 11

  176. Vasam.A.S says:

    I am avittam and my wife uttrattadhi pl give a auspicious time for grahapravesh on December 4th or 9th2016

  177. SKumar says:

    I would like to know what are the auspicious dates in whole December-2016 for Ghar Pravesh (Navgrah puja) in Irvine/Santa Ana region, California USA.

  178. vinita saraswat says:

    Can you please tell me the right time for Grih Pravesh on Oct 20,2016

  179. MADHUSUDAN RAO says:

    Dear Sir/ Gurujhi,


    I RANDHI MADHUSUDAN RAO, I wish know best time muhurth for my new house entering. My details are as below:
    Please let me suggest muhurth dates in november, 2016.

  180. Pramesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Name : Pramesh Nair dob:09/06/1975, Rohini nakshathra
    Name : Mridula Nair dob:07/12/1983, Puradam nakshathra

    We need auspicious days for house warming in late October or early November of this year

  181. kogilavani Ramakrishnan says:

    dear sir im from malaysia.
    we need auspicious date to perform graha pravesh in kartigai month 2016.
    Kindly mail me the date.thak you in advane
    [email protected]

  182. Mehala says:

    Name:KUMARAN dob:05/10/1982,mesham raasi,barani nakshathra
    Name:Mehala devi dob:18/10/1987,simha raasi,maham nakshathra
    We need auscipious days for house warming in DEC 2016

  183. Roopa says:

    Hello Sir,
    We live in San Ramon California . We are buying a new home here next month. Planning to do house warming pooja on October 2nd 2016. Please let me know can we do it on October 2nd.

  184. sushil says:

    On 12th Nov. 2016, Revati, Saturday ghar pravesh is okay? Is Saturday okay? The house is in Gurgaon, Haryana. Pl. leave your msg on email : [email protected] Thanks

  185. Yarlagadda rajesh says:

    Sir my name is rajesh. Pushyami nakshatram, 3 va paapam. I plan to Griha pravesh in November (kaarthika maasam ).which date and muhurtham suitable to me please suggest

  186. Sireesha says:

    Hi sir can I do frigates wan on Saturday and sunday

  187. jins says:

    Which date is good for housewarming in august month.

  188. ruchi says:

    Hi, I also live in Tampa..Did you get any info about shubh mahurat for your home? if so how?

  189. Nagabhushan says:

    We are planning house warming either in Aug or Sept 2016. Please can you get us the dates. We are from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

    Details below:
    Name: Nagabhushan
    DOB: 18-Oct-1975 around 4:30 PM, Uttarabhadrapada, Meena Rashi
    Place of Birth: Saundatti, Belgaum Dist, Karnataka

    Name: Soumya
    DOB: 04-Jan-1981 around 1:30 PM Jeshta, Vruschika rashi
    Place of Birth: Bangalore

  190. syam says:

    I am from srikakulam,andhrapradesh.
    We want to do house warming in August. So please say us a auspicious time for that ceremony.
    Thank you sir

  191. Mohan C K says:

    We are from Guntur, AP. Recently we have removed slab for our damaged house and constructed the house wants to perform Gruhapravesam.
    Star; Dhanista – Makara Rasi.
    Suggest muhurtham in Aug 2016 or else alternative method to enter the house.

  192. THIPPESWAMY B V says:


    We are from Sira karnataka, we are planning for housewarming on August 21st 2016, please confirm is this good day?

  193. Kaushambi says:

    My sob is June 29 1981 3:20 pm, will July 11 2016 will be good to do Grih Pravesh puja? Thanks

  194. D p r s giri says:

    Please tell me the gruhapravesh muhurtams in December 2016 and January 2017

    My nakshatram is satabhisham and gotram is sandilyasa. House is in Hyderabad.

  195. pooja rani says:

    i m from punjab i want to shift old construcher housenext week know about greh privesh shub mhurat pkzz tell me date next week

  196. A.V.R.MURTY says:

    my nakshtram is satabhisham and my nakshtram is punarvasu so, please tell me griha pravesham muhurtham in the month of august 2016

  197. kishore says:

    I saw one house and wanted to purchase what could be the good dates for giving token amount,registration dates

  198. ganesh says:

    we are from maharashtra- mumbai- kalyan
    we taken new flat given on rented now we want Gruh Pravesh
    please tell me when is the gruh pravesh muhurat

  199. Srilatha says:

    We would like to do grihapravesh in Bangalore. Is there any good dates, my husband rashi is mithuna & nakshatra is aridra

  200. Archana says:

    We are from chennai. and planning for house warming on May9th. Is it auspicious day? please clarify.

  201. shashi sharma says:

    I want to shift in newly constructed house in may can you please tell me subh muhraat

  202. M prasad says:

    Is pournami is good for entering in to new house

  203. vimal says:

    Can you pls share griha Pravesh dates in the month of june and july for old constructed house purchased by us recently

  204. jay says:

    I am planning to do Grah Pravesh on April 28th then I will move into the house on May 20th is that ok ? please let me know. I am living in Canada
    If you have any other days in may please let me know.

  205. K V Subbarao says:

    I want perform house warming (gruha pravesham)for my third son’s house on belf of him . I want to know dates for gruha pravesham from now onwards April may June or any month
    My son’s name is
    Kocharlakota Sreekanth
    His star is Chitta 2 padam
    Gotram Kasyapa
    My (Performer) name is
    Kocharlakota Venkata Subbarao
    Star: Arudra
    Gotram Kasyapa

  206. HITESH SINGH says:

    Any good date for house warming in April 2016?



  208. mukhraj gurjar says:

    I want to sift in newly constructed house in April can u please tell me subh muhurat

  209. khetra reddy says:

    Which is best day of march gruva pravesam muhartham

  210. Lakshmi says:

    Hello sir,
    I live in Tampa , fl, USA. My house will be ready in mid June. I do not see any auspicious days on calendar from april 2 to nov 2nd. Plz let us know a solution.
    Thank you

  211. Nitij says:

    We are looking for Shubh Mahurat for Grah Prvesh at Canberra, Australia towards end of Mar 2016 or early April. Name- Nitij, DOB- 15/06/1981, POB- Delhi.


    my date of birth is 18/01/1960 whether Vastu Pooja at Vasind Flat is OK


    My DOB is 18/01/1960 whether Vastu Pooja at Vasind is OK

  214. shri says:

    which is the best gruhapravesham muhurtham in May 2016

  215. Tessy Johny says:

    above details showing May 28, 07.05 to 05:41 next day is subha muhoorthum for housewarming, does this means 07.05 am to 05.41 a.m. of next day, please clarify time.

  216. Joginder Singh says:

    please tell the auspicious date and time for grih parvesh in March as panditji I consulted told me that there is no auspicious date for pooja and grih parvesh in March till Nav Ratri whereas the chart above shows a lot of dates in March. My zodiac sign is scorpio. Kindly clarify my doubts.

  217. mantosh says:

    which is the best date for greh pravesh in newly built house in month of March? What about 11th March for this?

  218. Anushka Shaw says:

    Sir we are planning to shift to our new flat by this month..can u pls suggest a good timing n date for the same…

  219. shilpa says:

    which is the best gruhapravesham date in May 2016

  220. satya says:

    after ugadi , gruhapravesa muharthams are present and not present please tellme sir

  221. Ravindra K. Harake says:

    To start the construction work I want to do Bhoomi Pooja on 10th march 2016, is this date is good or bad, if it’s bad, Then Which Day & Time is good in the march 2016, please suggest me. I am living in Karnataka, Belgaum district.

  222. which is best grapravesh day in feb – march 2016

  223. Praveena says:

    Planning to shift the current rental house to a new rental place next lane. Household things on 14th Feb 2016 and perform the pooja (lighting lamp and boiling milk) on 15th Feb 2016. My rasi is meenam and vishaka nakshtra and my husband’s makaram rasi and pooram nakshatra. We reside in Chennai. Are both the dates auspicious to continue?

  224. Arun ambekar says:

    Gruhapravesha mahurtham in March before 6 any data is there

  225. hemantha says:

    I am in Sri Lanka. How we can convert time to match our country

  226. HK Sharma says:

    Which is the best grahpravesh timing and date in march 16 in Bihar

  227. Renuka says:

    PLease tell me good date and time for house warming in Sri Lanka after 25 January, Kandy

  228. Chamandeswari says:

    Is december month is good for registration of second sale house and gruhapravasham since some body saying this is Margasira month (festival month).

  229. Gita Rajput says:

    We are looking for muhurt for my new house after 23 rd

  230. sangita says:

    which date n day is shubh for shifting in new rental December 2015

  231. Jyoti says:

    sir..we buy shop n want to took kumbh in November please tell me date and labh panchmi 16 November is good muhurat?

  232. Naresh Tomar says:

    Kya diwali ke baad grahpravesh nahin karna chahie

  233. hemma says:

    I would like to know in December 2015 the good days for moving house. I’m kartigai n my husband tiruvadhirai star. I’m from bintulu sarawak Malaysia

  234. kani says:

    which is best grahapravash date in december 2015.please give me the timing,..etc….

  235. Atkuru sri krishna chakrapani says:

    which is the best Gruhapravesam muhurtam in November. My Rasi Tula Nakshatram swathi and my wife Rasi kanya Nakshatram uttara

  236. Atkuru sri krishna chakrapani says:

    For swathi and uttara nakshatra suitable Gruhapravesam muhurtham in November2015

  237. sivakumar says:

    Sir my son star poosam kadaga rash wants to do grahapravesam in december2015december2015 in San Antonio USA.rwhich is good day for house warming function.

  238. sivaparvathi says:

    Pls tell me for me new housewarming date in the month of December 2015. Thanking u.

  239. sivaparvathi says:

    Pls tell me for me new housewarming date in the month of December 2015 r January 2016. Thanking u.

  240. Balraj says:

    Which is best gruhapraveshm muhurtham in November2015

  241. Bedabati Bhattacharya says:

    Sir, I live in Kolkata. I have purchased a flat in Kolkata. Can you suggest me an auspicious date for grihapravesh in the month of November 2015. My Rashi is Tula, Lagna Vrishabha, Nakshatra Chitra. My husband ‘s Rashi is Mithun, Lagna Vrishabha, Nakshatra Migrashira.

  242. Venkata Ramana says:

    Sir,for UTTARABHADRA star when is good Muhurtham for GRUHA Pravesam in December ,January & February.Kindly respond as soon as possible.Thanks

  243. Bagya devarapalli says:

    Dear sir

    Can you please tell good muhurtam for gruhapravesh In October

    Thanking you sir in advance.

  244. R KUMAR says:

    What is the best date for shiifting of rented house in Howrah in sept-oct 15!

  245. Babita says:

    Dear sir
    Pl tell me the date of grip praves in September 2015.

  246. Sss says:

    Can u tell me shubhmuhurat for moving in rented house from 22aug2015 to 31 aug?
    I live in london.

  247. rahul sharma says:

    sir kya ma apne new construction home me 1 sep ko ja sakta hu rahane Ke liye ak small pooja Ke bad …bad me subh muhrat me hawan kara lunga plz bataye

  248. Paras says:

    Please let me know the best dates for graha pravesh for my house in Rajasthan. My main door is facing westwards.

  249. venkatesh says:

    Dear sir I am staying the at my home in ground floor but I shifted 1st floor so plz suggested me best date for August 2nd or 3rd week plz

  250. suresh says:

    Which is the best grih pravesh muhurat for new house in august 2015.I need a date between 14 to 18th aug.2015

  251. Narendra Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are planning to shift to a new house in RITU WORLD , Badlapur mumbai ( Maharashtra) on 17 sep 2015( Ganesh chaturthi) or 14 oct ( navratra). Please do suggest us appropriate dates for Greh Pravesh in the month of ( Sep 2015- Oct-2015 ). Please do reply.

    Narendra kumar

  252. uday says:

    Hi sir ,want good day n timingfor gruha pravesh in august for utharashada nakshtram

  253. Jayawant Dongale says:

    Please guide on Good date for grihapravesh in first and second week of August, 2015 at Kansas city USA

  254. prachi says:

    Please suggest some good date in august and September 2015 for gruhpravesh in mumbai

  255. Prabhat says:

    My name is prabhat my rasi scapio,what date is the best in aig_15

  256. Jeetendra Patel says:

    Sir I need a date for grihapravesh from 15-30 July 2015 for shifting into company accommodation. Please suggest. Thankyou

  257. Neelam Singh says:

    What is good time for griha pravesh in july

  258. shireesha says:

    Pournami is good for moving into house rent shifting

  259. Anand Agarwal says:

    What is good day for griha pravesh in first week of July 2015


    which is good gruhapraves date in july 2015, we live in Noida

  261. laxmi says:

    I want to know which is good gruhapravesh date in 25-31 June ,as we stay in Virginia America

  262. llaxmi says:

    Which is good gruhapraves date in June,we live in Virginia USA

  263. vassu says:

    which is best grapravesh day in August -September 2015.We live Chicago,USA

  264. vineet bhatia says:

    Which are the best date of greh parvesh in already constructed house during 15/7/15 to 31/7/15

  265. Himanshu Srivastava says:

    Any good day for Grihpravesh in June – July 2015?

  266. Prashanth says:

    Sir , can u please tell me a good day to shift into a rented house in the coming next week of June,2015. Please reply me soon sir. Thanking you prashanth

  267. Ambikesh says:

    I want to grahpravesh in june month 2015 ple. Sagest me date and timing.

  268. ramchandrareddy says:

    june 2015 01/06/2015 nundi 10/06/2015 lopu muhurtham chudagalaro , na peru j.ramchanderreddy ma barya peru j.kavitha

  269. chandra kumar sahu says:

    Date of new griha praves in june 2015 bilaspur chhattisgarh

  270. Bhagyalakshmi says:

    To start the constraction work I want to do Bhoomi POoja, which day & time is good in this month i.e., May 2015. Please suggest me.

  271. Panangipalli Shailaja says:

    Which is the best gruhapravesham muhurtham in june 2015

  272. vikram says:

    vikram raina,Born in 15th may 1976. Jeshta Nakshatra, which day is the most suitable for new flat grahpravesh in the month of May 2015. pls suggest.

  273. swapna says:

    is 29th May 2015 is good muhurtham for gruha pravesham?

    Please let me know.

  274. Priya Sharrma says:

    Which is the best grehpravesh day in month of July 2015 second week. I live in canberra Australia

  275. Nirmala says:

    My star is thiruvathirai..dob..31.08.1956..pls. advise me the dt for grahapravesh of 1st floor

  276. Srinadha Reddy Avuthu says:

    Which is the best gruhapravesa muhurtham in may

  277. sudharshan says:

    which date is best muhurtham for gruhapravesh in june 2015 my son new housewarming at hyderabad ,is birth star is purva phalguna (pubba 3 padam ) simha raasi and lagnam mesham , and daughter -law birth star not know but name is ramadevi i think 7 th or 12 th datesof june are fixible to him but7th dhanista to pubba is my son kshma tara please advice to which date is favarable to my son his ghata vaaram is saturday ghata month is jeshta heis my first son i.e jeshty putrudu june i.e jeshty month also his marriage was done this month house warming is favarable or not favarable plese give good advice

  278. Meena says:

    Hi I want to know gruhapravesam dates in October ,November 2015.

  279. Viji says:


    I am looking Housewarming muhurtham in May 2015 in Canada.
    My husband’s star is kruthika 3rd padam and vrushabha raasi. Mine is dhanishta star and Makara race.


  280. Ram says:

    which is the good date for Griha Pravesh in May 2015 for Punarvasu nakshatra.
    Thanks in advance

  281. Indu Jayakumar says:

    Can we do house warming ceremony on May 29th 2015, which falls on agni natchathiram. My rasi mithuna and mirgashira nakshathira, my husband danushu rasi and uthiradam nakshathira

  282. MALINI.T.S says:

    Respected Sir, I am planning to do housewarming in May .Kindly suggest a date between May 15 to 30.The house is in Thrivandrum.My star is Threketta and husband Anizham.

  283. Kadle says:

    Are there any best muhurthas in August or September month for Gruha pravesham

  284. Gurram Satish says:

    Wich is the best grihapravesh date in june july Aug

  285. Dhan singh meena says:

    my house west facing .Rajasthan DAUSA town best time date suggests grihpravesh mahurat may2015 to July 2015ke madya

  286. Dhan singh meena says:

    I grapravesh likely may2015 to July 2015 but best mahurat

  287. Jayakumar says:

    I am planning to do housewarming in may.Please suggest a date and time between may 20 to may 29.The house is in Tambaram , Sudharson nagar and the house is south facing.

  288. ravi prabhu dharmala says:

    My son now in Washington DC and he wants shift his house (rented) from 29-4-20150to 2-5-2015. His star is Moola and his wife. Star Ppurvabbhadra. Pl. Convey ggoog day and time for. Milk burning in new house..

  289. MOHAN says:

    i born in 1971 on holikadahan day and planning to enter in new house, kindly inform the suitable days in April 2015.
    Jai Shri Krishna

  290. Babita Shroff says:

    Which is best grihapravesh day in June2015. I live in Canada

  291. lgshukla says:

    best muhurt for kumbhsthapan& gruhpravesh in may june 2015

  292. Ashish Agrawal says:

    What is the best grahpravesh date i May 2015 alongwith the timings…etc

  293. Sumathy Muralitharan says:

    I would like to do my griha pravesh in the month of either May or June 2015. My star is Swathi and my husband´s is Hastham and we live in Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India. Could you please suggest me auspiscious dates for house warming ceremony.


  294. james rudolf mendonsa says:

    i am planing to have my new house warming ceremony in june or july. please suggest me the good day,date and time.what is uttrayana. as I know that the Sun moving or going down in the north west.
    with regards

  295. Vijay Mishra says:

    You can organize grihpravesh preferably on 6 or 14th May 2015.

  296. Vijay Mishra says:

    22 and 23rd April 2015 and 6, 14, 20 ,27, 28 & 29th May 2015 is the best day for your grihpravesh.

  297. Vijay Mishra says:

    22 and 23rd April 2015 is the best day for your grihpravesh.

  298. Rajesh says:

    I capricon want good auspices day and time in July and August 2015 for my new flat in Hyderabad

  299. Vinayak Rajaram Gatade says:

    i want to do vastu shanti & grah pravesh in month of may 2015 after 27th may. please give auspices date & time

  300. rajesh gupta says:

    I want to grahpravesh in july give auspices date & time.

  301. sujatha says:

    auspicious date and timings for shifting rented house in march or april 2015 as per vastu.please suggest as soon as possible.

  302. Ragini says:

    In April on which day we can put kumbh Ghada

  303. Selvaganesh Selvaganesh says:

    which is best grapravesh day in April 2015

  304. keerthi says:

    Want to know auspicious dates for grahapravesham in may 2015.for mrigasira nakshtram

  305. Ashok Dutt says:

    I wanted to shift to a rented flat at Mumbai during Ramnawmi .we are mesh Rashi.your site is the only site providing some dates after March 16. Pleas suggest.

  306. sujatha says:

    auspicious date and timings for shifting rented house in march 2015 as per vastu.please give me more information as soon as possible.

  307. Namepally Suresh says:

    which is best grapravesh day in may 2015 first week

  308. Prakash Chandra Ranka says:

    which is best grapravesh day in april – may 2015

  309. harleen kaur says:

    Please tell good greh pravesh muhurat in 1st nd 2nd week of july 2015 for Rajpura punjab

  310. Bholanath says:

    auspicious date for doing griha pravesam in 2015

  311. Ekavir says:

    auspicious time for griha pravesh on 15 august 2015

  312. Baneet says:

    griha pravesha ashwini or karthika masa best month 2015

  313. Krisha says:

    what time is good for grih pravesh on 15-8-15

  314. Labangalata says:

    dates in october 2015 for house warming kerala

  315. Sauravi says:

    hindu calendar auspicious days for griha pravesh chicago

  316. Balbhadra says:

    auspicious days in october 2015 for grah pravesh

  317. Eashan says:

    which dates are good housewarming muhurtham in aug-2015

  318. Neeladri says:

    best muhurtams in month of september and october for gruhapravesam in 2015

  319. Jayita says:

    grah pravesh muhurat on month of september 2015 in mumbai place

  320. Chandrakumar says:

    www grah prvesh muhurt 2015 in hindi com

  321. Vrishabhaanu says:

    best griha pravesh dates 2015 in west india

  322. Kunjabihari says:

    telugu subha muhurtham days in 2013 august for housing entering

  323. Pulkita says:


  324. Kairavi says:

    is 7th august is good day for griha pravesh

  325. Subhas says:

    subh muhurat griha pravesh in haryana dates in sept 2013

  326. Dhanishta says:

    gruhapravesam muhurtham dates 2013 telugu in august with nakshatram

  327. Rohita says:

    which is best day for grihapravesha in this month

  328. Sunjeev says:

    muhurat for shifting of rented house in august 2013

  329. Vinaya says:

    give auspicious mahurat days for grahpravesh by pandit suresh pandey in saawan month

  330. Sadanand says:

    good muhurtham for grihapravesh at america in august 2013

  331. Siddhangana says:

    muhurat for griha pravesh in a new house in november 2013

  332. Kamalaksh says:

    is august 3rd 2015 is good day for shift to another rent house

  333. Shesanand says:

    good day for house shifting in august 2015

  334. Abhirup says:

    www shubh murhurt in August 2015 for to get entry in new house

  335. Kamalaapati says:

    is this sunday a good day for griha pravesh

  336. Suniska says:

    auspicious date for housewarming function on 2015 august

  337. Vedashri says:

    shubh muhurat in july 2015 for griha pravesh for rented home

  338. Reshma says:

    मुहुर्त for new vastu ganesh pujan in sravan mas

  339. Anshumali says:

    griha pravesh muharat in aug 2015 by best yoga & nakshtra

  340. Ajala says:

    shubh muharat for house warming in july 2015

  341. Sarasa says:

    griha pravesh in 2015 august by vardhman calendar

  342. Apoorva says:

    good dates in july 2013 for grah pravesh

  343. Shwetambar says:

    best days for house warming in july 2013

  344. Mina says:

    best day for griha pravesh in july 2013

  345. Lakshmi says:

    malayalm vivah shuba muhartam in july month 2014

  346. Srijan says:

    best dates for griha pravesh in august 2013 in delhi

  347. Gambheer says:

    good mahurats for griha pravesh in july 2013

  348. Biren says:

    grah pravesh sholkas in hindi or sanskrit in 2013

  349. Thakarshi says:

    vastu shanti muhurt in august 2013 in maharashtra

  350. Udu says:

    can gruhapravesam can be done on 6july in newyork usa in 2013

  351. Dinesh says:

    shubh muhurat for griha pravesh on 10th july 2013

  352. Patit Pavan says:

    griha pravesh date in july 2015 in delhi

  353. Vikat says:

    new home grih pravesh muhurat for north america

  354. Harper says:

    subha muhurtham days in september 2015 for grihapravesam

  355. Sakshi says:

    shub dates in july 2015 for opening hotel

  356. Suhaila says:

    grih pravesh ke liya august month me din

  357. Huma says:

    shubh muhurat of grah parvesh in july 2015

  358. Khyati says:

    auspicious dates in july 2015 for griha pravesh

  359. Prasheetha says:

    griha pravesh dates for bangalore in august 2015

  360. Almas says:

    auspicious dates in July 2015 for conducting griha shanti pooja

  361. Manjughosh says:

    auspicious dates for house warming in july 2015

  362. Suvimal says:

    gruha pravesh muhurat in mumbai in the month of july 2013

  363. Tuhina says:

    auspicious days in august 2013 for housewarming in bangalore

  364. Naija says:

    shubh dates in june 2013 for griha pravesh

  365. Rupal says:

    www best gruha pravesh muhurthams in ap 2013

  366. Mrigaj says:

    muhurtam dates for house worming in 2013 in odisha

  367. Punthali says:

    griha pravesh dates in august 2013 north india

  368. Padmalaya says:

    shubh muharat in july 2013 for shifting home

  369. Tusya says:

    east facing house which day go to grahapravesh september 2013

  370. Aabharana says:

    move in house warming vaastu dates august 2013

  371. Vrajamohan says:

    Any Shubh muhurat for grah parvesh during last days of June 2013

  372. Venavir says:

    auspicious date for griha pravesh in july 2013

  373. Kiran says:

    good days in july 2013 for gruha pravesh

  374. Kanv says:

    auspicious days in august 2013 for gruha pravesha in bangalore

  375. Niharika says:

    auspicious day for housewarming in sept 2013 in canada

  376. Madhu says:

    auspicious days for griha pravesh in august 2013

  377. Jaideep says:

    vastu muhrat in east delhi for jully 2013

  378. Samita says:

    sapoorva griha pravesh in flat jyeshta month june 2013

  379. Prajvala says:

    shubh muhurat in 5 july 2013 for griha pravesh

  380. Kshiti says:

    good muhurtamam for house shifting in this month

  381. Mahipati says:

    muhurtham for griha pravesh 2013 per south indian

  382. Suvarnmala says:

    griha pravesh in june 2013 as per new york calendar

  383. Nitin says:

    auspicious day in july2013 for new griha muhurat- hindu panchang

  384. Naman says:

    07 july an aspicious day for house warming

  385. Anjal says:

    what is subh dates for shifting of home in july

  386. Sonika says:

    griha pravesh date in july 2013 for northern california

  387. Peetambar says:

    grih pravesh dates and time in june 2013 in america

  388. Kamalanayan says:

    shubh muhurat in july 2013 for griha pravesh

  389. Syum says:

    Auspicious day for housewarming in Telugu during August 2013

  390. Manjulika says:

    gruhapravesam dates in july 2013 for marathi people

  391. Rutajit says:

    tamil astrology entering a new house-grahapravesam for calendar july 2013

  392. Kirtikumar says:

    best muhurtham for new office pravesham in jun and jul 2013

  393. Parul says:

    shubh din griha pravesh in ghaziabad up in 2013-14

  394. Chandraprabha says:

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  395. Navinchandra says:

    good days for the year 2013 for griha pravesh

  396. Pankti says:

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  398. Manav says:

    griha pravesh muhurat in 2013 in pune maharashtra

  399. Partha says:

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  400. Rajat says:

    Shubh din for grah pravesh within 20 days

  401. Manimala says:

    auspicious dates in june 2013 for graha pravesh in dubai

  402. Yudhisthir says:

    september 2013 which day best grahapravesham in east facing chennai

  403. Ramdas says:

    muhurtham in month of july for housewarming in malayalam

  404. Hari says:

    gruh pravesh muhurt in a resale flat in june

  405. Roopali says:

    house warming dates in 2013 for malaysian hindus

  406. Avantika says:

    auspicious dates for griha pravesh in july-august 2013

  407. Ramkumar says:

    best days to griha pravesh in june 2013

  408. Kuhuk says:

    auspicious days for gruha pravesh in august 2013

  409. Aditi says:

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  410. Sudhindra says:

    auspicious days for housewarming in rented house injune 2013

  411. Aarna says:

    shubh muhurat in august 2013 for house entering

  412. Anjalee says:

    kumbh ghado sthapna days days in june 2013

  413. Vivek says:

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  414. Yogine says:

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  415. Raam says:

    best muhurat for kumbh ghado in new house

  416. Nalesh says:

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  417. Jaisukh says:

    which day is auspicious to do bengali griha pravesh

  418. Manjari says:

    shubh muhurat for griha pravesh in mumbai based on varanasi panchang

  419. Manotej says:

    best house warming cermony muhurts in june & July

  420. Paravasu says:

    purvabhadra nakshatram born on 10th august 1968 at 10 14pm

  421. Trishna says:

    when we should start scheduling for griha pravesh

  422. Yamini says:

    grah pravesh muhurat in june 2013 inn gujrati langvage

  423. Chandralekha says:

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  427. Durgesh says:

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  428. Harjit says:

    best day to do griha pravesh in new house in june 2013 or july 2013

  429. Sarvendra says:

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  430. Gaganvihari says:

    good mahurat for house warming in usa in july 2013

  431. Prakul says:

    good dates for griha pravesh in august 2013

  432. Sanoja says:

    15 june 2013 is a good day for gruhapravesham

  433. Teerth says:

    griha pravesh time and date in the month of july 2013

  434. Lahar says:

    griha pravesh muhurat in july 2013 for delhi state

  435. Maheshi says:

    good day for griha pravesh of rented house in july 2013

  436. Sumay says:

    Sravana masam which day is gud for gruha pravesam

  437. Jimuta says:

    entering a rented house muhurat in june 2013

  438. Shanyu says:

    grahpravesha muhurtham according to tamil calender in june2013

  439. Gaurshakti says:

    which is the subh muhurat in jyaistha 2013 as per hindu religion

  440. Anandi says:

    good days for vastushanti in june last in hindi

  441. Kanjri says:

    shubh din in this month for griha pravesh

  442. Amoorta says:

    hindu good muhurat griha pravesh in june 11 2013 for newyork

  443. Artagnan says:

    grahpravesh muhurut in june end or july 1st week

  444. Shefalika says:

    shubh mahurat in july 2013 for grah pravesh

  445. Vindhya says:

    is june 10 auspicious for griha pravesh or house warming

  446. Rakti says:

    why there is not a Griha Pravesh Muhurta in June 2013

  447. Mrittika says:

    is 2nd august 2013 auspicious for grah pravesh

  448. Vyan says:

    shubh date for grah pravesh in june 2013

  449. Akshar says:

    www best gruhapravesha muhurthams in 2013 in andhra pradesh

  450. Narendra says:

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  451. Chandranath says:

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  452. Mythri says:

    Urgent Ghrih pravesh date in june 13 in new flate on rent

  453. Anshu says:

    grah pravesh muhurat IN JULY AND AUGUST 2013 AT BHOPAL

  454. Purshottam says:

    good muhurtham in 2013 for fixing main door frame

  455. subha venkat says:

    Respected Sir,

    My star : Swathi Rasi: Thulam DOB: 07.01.1975
    My Husband Star : Hastham Rasi: Kanni DOB: 20.06.1972

    My Son star : Hastham Rasi: Kanni DOB: 14.01.2004
    My daughter star: Anusham Rasi: Vrichigam DOB: 01.06.2007

    Please provide an auspicious date for house warming at Chennai, Tamilnadu between July to December with time.

    Thank you