Auspicious Days for Bhumi Pujan (Shankhu Sthapana, Beginning of Building Construction)

What are the auspicious days for Bhumi Pooja (Shankhu Sthapana|Gruharambha)? Here is the list of days that are auspicious for Bhoomi Poojan…

Monday (Somavara)

Wednesday (Budhavara)

Thursday (Guruvara)

Friday (Shukravara)

Bhumi Pujan or Shankhu Sthapana (Foundation stone installation) is a Hindu ritual associated with starting the construction of house, office or any other building. In some places, during Bhumi Poojan, a Shankhu (conch) is installed at a place by digging the soil for few feet.

After Bhumi Pujan, you can start the work whenever you want. And there is no need to choose for a best muhurat for starting work as the Bhoomi Poojan itself is considered the initiation of the work of construction.

Bhumi Pujan items list – what are material needed for Bhumi Poojan

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  1. shaik rehmat ali says:

    pls tel me the date to start construction of my new home .in janwary