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Yogiraja Avatara of Dattatreya Swamy

Dattatreya 1 no-watermark

Dattatreya 1 no-watermark

Yogiraja is the first of Lord Dattatreya’s 16 incarnations. Yogiraja Avatara was appeared in front of the divine couple Atri and Anasuya when they were deeply immersed in penance at Himadri.

First Appearance of Yogiraja

Yogiraja Avatara was first appeared on Kartik Purnima, Wednesday, Krittika Nakshatra and at Suryodaya Kala (first prahar at sunrise). He appears with a crystal clear body.

After the creation of this universe the living beings had to suffer from miseries as per their past actions. This made Brahmadeo anxious and so he surrendered to Shri Vishnu, the Lord of the universe saying,“Dattoham Dattoham” (I give myself).

Shri Vishnu appeared before Brahmadeo and advised him to practise yoga and know the eternal principle whereby he was relieved of the miseries, and had the peace of mind. Those, who recite“Dattoham Dattomam”, will also gain the same fruit.

This Avatar propogated yoga, hence it is known as ‘Yogeshwar’ or ‘Yogiraj’. He looked most charming, delicate and snow-white in colour. Like Shri Krishna, he had one head and four hands.

Yogiraja Dhyana Shloka

Advayananda roopaya

Yogamaayaadharaya Cha,

Yogirajaya Devaya

Sridattaya Namo Namaha

Shodasa Datta Avatara are 16 incarnations of Lord Dattatreya which are believed as the manifestations of Sri Datta before Kaliyuga. As Dattatreya swamy is the eternal wanderer of earth, his divine appearance in front of Maharshis and his beloved devotees are known as his Shodasa avataras.

Arghya Mantras

Maayaguna vimukthaaya, sarva lokeswaraaayacha, yogiraajaaya devaaya karmanaarghyam dadaamyaham

Kaayena yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Advyaananda roopaaya, yogamaaya dharaayacha, yogiraajaaya devaaya karmanaarghyam dadaamyaham.

Vachasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Avyaktaa vyakta roopaaya, nirgunaaya gunaanthmane, yogiraajaaya devaaya karmanaarghyam dadaamyaham

Manasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

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