Golden Quotes of Paramahansa Yogananda



Paramahansa Yogananda (20th century Saint) was a great Yogi, philosopher, spiritual thinker and a great saint, who had satisfied the souls of several thousands of people, both Indians and Foreigners, through his wonderful speeches on spirituality.

His famous life history book, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ is received good response from the readers, and in that, he has mentioned about the importance of Kriya Yoga and meditation, and due to its significant features, lot of people are benefitted.

He has shown great bhakti and respect to his Guru, Sri YukhteshwarJi Maharaj, and due to the blessings of his Guru, he has achieved a lot in his life, and still he is living with us through his books. He treated his disciples in a kind manner, and through his spiritual powers, he has burnt the bad habits like ego, lust, anger and greed, and he can be declared as one of the best spiritual and saintly person in the world.

Some of his marvellous golden quotes are as follows:

Similar to tasting the success, you have to taste the failures also, in order to get sure success in your future attempts.

Let me utilise my birth properly, by making the saddened hearts to smile in their lives.

We have to enjoy this human birth, since we are able to reflect our feelings in various ways, and we are having the opportunity to realise the god through various methods.

Always keep your mind calmly, in order to control yourself during your toughest times.

Share your happiness with others through your sweet words.

Truth is always permanent.

Control your mind, by worshipping your beloved god like, Kali Ma, Krishna or Lord Jesus Christ, and you can worship the Lord in a formless state also.

Always keep thinking about the glories of the god, and you have to thank him by praising his wonderful acts.

Always be active and think creatively.

The best medicine to cure your disease is by the way of reciting the holy names of the god.

Enjoy the natural beauties of the world and praise the creator of the world.

Try to entertain others, and also let others entertain you.

Always be in the company of a true friend who is considered as unselfish and good in nature.

Your thoughts must always be good, in order to remove the evil thoughts from your mind.

Our desires must be controlled, or otherwise, unfulfilled desires would make us into slaves.

Kindness would remove the blocks between the souls, families, and nations.

Offer your prayers for at least once in a day to the great almighty, since he is the one, who has created you, me, and everybody in the earth.

There is no need to get afraid of anything in this world, if you feel that god dwells within you.

Since you alone are responsible for your own actions, you cannot blame on the god during your troubled times.

Always maintain your health in a proper manner, since you have to live with that till your death.

Without having peace of mind, having lot of wealth would not help us in any way.

Self-realization is a must to reach the kingdom of god.

Your every careful single step in your life is the main thing for your success.

Only if you can properly plan for today, you can be able to think about tomorrow.

A wise man would not be a talker, but he would be a nice doer.

Before doing a particular work, first understand it, and then you can proceed doing it, and never do any work in a half-baked manner.


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