Yellu Amavasya 2013: Ellu Amavasya in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh

Yellu Amavasya, also spelt as Ellu Amavasya, is observed on No Moon day in Margashira month (Margasira Amavasya) in Karnataka and some parts of Andhra Pradesh. Yellu Amavasya 2013 date is January 11.

This is a major festival in farming communities in North Karnataka. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states, this festival marks the ending of Kharif season. Farmers celebrate the day as thanks-giving festival dedicated to the Mother Earth.

On Ellu Amavasya day, farming families visit the fields along with their family cuisine and offer puja to Mother Earth and to Lord Shani. Literally in Kannada, Yellu means sesame grains and these sesame symbolize Lord Shani. Special recipes are offered to the deities and respective family deities are worshipped with great fervor. Farmers believe that ‘Bhoodevi puja helps them yield good crop in coming seasons and the Mother Earth blesses their families with good health and wealth.

Another major Amavasya festival dedicated to Mother Earth and to crops is – Polala Amavasya which is celebrated in Shravana Masam (Shravana Amavasya).

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