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Yamuna Pushkarams 2014 (River Yamuna Pushkaraalu)

Yamuna Pushkarams (River Yamuna Pushkaraalu) begins on 19 June 2014 and ends on 30 June 2014. Yamuna Pushkarams begins at the time when Guru (Brihaspati – Jupiter) enters into Karkataka Rashi (Punarvasu Nakshatra – 4th quarter).

This year, Yamuna Pushkarams have great significance in terms of planetary positions. On the first day of Pushkarams the rare planetary movements are happening as the Guru Nakshatra of Purvabhadra Nakshatra, Guruvar (Thursday), Guru Tithi ‘Saptami’.

By the conclusion of these Pushkarams, ‘Chandra’ (Moon) comes into exalted position and on the last day of Pushkarams, Chandra resides in his own house ‘Karkataka’ along with ‘Guru’.

Not only the above two, but Yamuna Pushkarams also have significance related to Jagannath Rathyatra. This year, Puri Jagannath Rathyatra begins on Punarvasu Nakshatra which is a star constellation of Brihaspati.

During the 12 days of Pushkarams, it is believed that Pushkara Devata ‘Brihaspati’, 33 Million Gods, along with Pitru Devatas reside in Pushkara Rivers. Hence, performing ritual bath, pitru karmas, panda daan, pitru tharpana, etc.. will fetch good results for performers.

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