Yamuna Pushkaraalu 2014, Important bathing dates

List of important bathing dates in Yamuna Pushkaraalu 2014 is given here. Yamuna Pushkarams begins on 19 June and ends on 30 June. During these 12 days, there are some important bathing dates.. 19 June 2014 – Guru Nakshatram – Purvabhadra, Thursday 27 June 2014 – Ardra Nakshatra Amavasya, Friday 29 June 2014 – Guru […]

Yamuna Pushkarams 2014 (River Yamuna Pushkaraalu)

Yamuna Pushkarams (River Yamuna Pushkaraalu) begins on 19 June 2014 and ends on 30 June 2014. Yamuna Pushkarams begins at the time when Guru (Brihaspati – Jupiter) enters into Karkataka Rashi (Punarvasu Nakshatra – 4th quarter). This year, Yamuna Pushkarams have great significance in terms of planetary positions. On the first day of Pushkarams the […]