Yami Vaivasvati | Daughter of Surya, Sister of Yama

Yami Vaivasvati has contributed certain parts of Rig Veda (10.10), and she is believed to have been born before several thousand years ago. Yami Vaivasvati is the daughter of Vivasvan, also called as Lord Surya. Yami is the sister of Lord Yama, and she has later become the holy River goddess Yamuna, and she originates from Uttarakhand and she is also worshipped by her devotees similar to the Holy River Ganges.

Yami had participated in the debates along with various learned scholars and won in that. She is well versed in Vedic subjects and she is an expert in Hindu holy texts. She is a chaste, pious, kind and a holy woman, whose significance cannot be described in words. She also contains great powers, similar to River Ganges.

Ma Yami is worshipped by the people for getting better prospects in their lives. In the Rig Veda, her name is mentioned several times. Similar to the Vedic gods, she also receives her share of oblation from the fire sacrifices. In Srimad Bhagavatham, the conversation between River Yamuna and Lord Krishna is very popular. Lord Krishna gave valuable teachings to Yamuna, and made her to become purified. He touched the head of Yamuna, and sanctified her.

It is believed that those who worship Ma Yamuna would be relieved from death related fears, since she is the beloved sister of Yama. She gives good knowledge, memory power, physical and mental energy, and would occupy our soul permanently. Those who stay at the banks of River Yamuna at least for a day would be relieved from their sins, and they would get a new lease of life.

Yamuna is worshipped by several sages and even by the demi gods. Rishi Narada described about the beauty and the chastity of Ma Yamuna to other sages, in the Naimisharanya. Pandavas also worshipped Ma Yamuna and due to that, they had won in the battle held at Kurukshetra.


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