Yama Loka | Naraka Loka | Hell in Hinduism

Yama Loka also known as Naraka and Hell is the place where sinners would be subjected to severe punishment after their death. Yama Loka is the abode of Lord Yama. It is believed that this loka is located in the bottom of the earth.

As per Hindu texts, it is believed that there are totally 28 hells, contained in the Yama Loka. After the death of mortals, the divine attendants of Lord Yama would bring the souls of the dead ones, to the court of Yama, and after referring to the accounts maintained by Lord ChitraGupta, he would send the noble ones to the heaven, and would send the sinful people to the hell, and based on the severity of the sins, the sinners would have to suffer in the hell for the stipulated period. Those who reach the Swarga Loka, cannot live permanently there, and after the completion of their good karmas, they have to again take birth in the earth as human beings.

The Bhagavata Purana and the Devi Bhagavata Purana mentions that the Yama Loka is situated in the underworld which is located in the bottom of the earth.Lord Narada also visited this loka, and mentioned about it. “This place looks very terrible. I hear the screams of the souls which suffer in the Yama Loka due to their bad karmas. Even I am unable to release them from that place”.

As per legend, once Yudhishtira visited the Yama Loka, and he was very much upset by hearing the cries of the sufferers, and hence he stood before the sinners for some time, and as a result, the sinners were relieved from their sins, and went to the abode of Lord Indra, IndraLoka.

It is also believed that the pious demons like Prahalada, Mahabali and Namuchi had visited the hell, while they made a casual visit to the Yama Loka, for meeting Lord Yama.

In general, as per the laws of Dharma, the living beings in the earth have to suffer for their karmic deeds. If they have done good karmas, then they would reach the abode of Lord Indra. And if they have done lot of bad karmas, then definitely they must have to suffer for their wrong acts in the hell.

Hence it is suggested for everyone in this world, to do always good karmas, by the way of helping the poor and the needy, and by chanting the names of the god, worshipping him, keeping him in our heart, and singing songs on him, and all these would be considered as the best sacred deeds.

Let us worship Lord Narayana and be blessed.


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