Women are to be considered similar to Men

Durga Maa – Mata Khanak Charri Yatra 2013

Durga Maa – Mata Khanak Charri Yatra 2013

All the women are to be considered similar to men, and men must realize that in each and every woman’s soul, Ma Shakti Devi is dwelling. In general, whenever men come across seeing any woman, sometimes they may get tempted. But they must not do like that, and must consider all the women as their own mothers and sisters, and must give good respect to them. Even wrong thinking about women is considered as a sinful activity, and as a result we have to suffer from lot of health problems like problems from unknown diseases, weakness in mind and body, dullness and laziness etc.In order to control our mind, we must have to do yoga and meditation, and along with that we have to keep worshipping our holy Gurus and the divine deities.

In order to get proper understanding about sex, Sex education must be compulsorily taught in the schools, and it is an act of educating the young children by giving the correct details about sexual matters, and it covers protective sexual measures, birth control measures and gives correct understanding about sex. By coaching about all these matters, the tutors are removing the fear from the minds of the young children, and they are making them to feel easy in their mind about sex. In some countries, sexual education is taught to the students after getting consent from their parents.

The need for sex education arises, when the children goes in the wrong path. By learning the sex education, the children would know what they must do and what they must not do.

In general, most of the parents would feel guilty in teaching about the sex education to their children. Hence, instead of them, the teachers are doing their job, and guiding the young children in the correct path. According to a recent study conducted in some countries, the children who had learned about sex education at their young age are very cautious about their life, and they do not keep sex with others before their marriage.

As per Hinduism, sex is not considered as a crime, but it should be made only between the life partners. Keeping illegal sex with other man or woman is considered as a wrong act as per the principles of Hindu Dharma, and hence both men and women must realize about the holiness of chastity, and must not keep sex with others before their marriage.

We would have read in our Hindu Puranas about Lord Indra and Chandra, who had kept wrong relationship with others, and due to that, they had suffered a lot. Actually Indra and Chandra are the divine demigods, and they are very good in nature, but due to their bad fate, they have done wrongful acts, and hence they were punished, but later they realized their mistake, and afterwards they became very pious and worshipful deities.

From their story we should learn not to commit sins by having illegal affair with other men or women. Since they are the worshipful gods, they have relieved from their curse very easily, and now they are ruling their respective worlds in a prosperous manner.

Hence, let us consider all the women as an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi and be blessed.


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