Why we do Namaste: Spiritual importance

Hanuman Namaskar

Hanuman Namaskar

Namah + te = Namaste. The word namaste is made up of these two words meaning I bow to you , my greetings to you, my salutations to you. This is paying our respect or homage to other person while greeting him.

It is typical of Indian culture to greet one another with a namaste. This applies to one and all irrespective of their age or any other background. Even when we greet a stranger, we do it with a namaste. This is because , namaste is not just a casual or formal greeting, but an act with a higher thought that I bow down to the spirit in you.

This is based on the principle that there exists divinity in everyone. Swami Vivekananda famously said “Every soul is potentially divine”. When we meet anybody, we have to first bow down to the God who exists within that person and then proceed with anything else. This way there would be more connectivity, respect and love between the two people and enhance a harmonious relationship.

The ritualistic way of doing namaste is to join both of your palms and bringing them closer to your heart and bowing down gently as you say namaste. The joining of the hands represent the meeting of the spirits or the minds of the people. This posture is also one of the yoga mudras which have a lot of significance with regards to the positions of holding hands .

The same namaste is practiced even when we bow down to God. While doing the same, some people close their eyes as to reflect on the inner God who is the true reality .This is one practice which should be developed among youngsters early in their life so that they learn to respect each other as they grow up. In today’s world it is of even more significance to keep up this practice.

Significance of Namaste in Hinduism


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