Paada Puja: Significance, Importance of Paada Pooja

Why do we do Paad Pooja (an ancient Indian ritual of welcoming a guest by washing his feet with water and flowers)? What is the significance of Paad Pooja? This question asked by a devotee at a Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living.. Let’s hear/read what Sri Sri has said… In the olden days […]

Why do we wear tilaka on forehead

Hindus across the world are known for wearing different types of marks known as tilak or tilaka or tika on their forehead. A tilak is generally worn on the centre of the forehead where the Ajna Chakra is located on the space between the eyebrows. People wear tilak routinely everyday and especially on the days […]

Importance of the Puja Room: Why we worship God at Puja room only?

The puja room is the most important place in the house. It is the place where the Gods are worshipped and has that significant vibration due to this and hence it calls for a separate space within the house. The whole of the universe is made of energy. What we see and worship as God […]

Why we do Namaste: Spiritual importance

Namah + te = Namaste. The word namaste is made up of these two words meaning I bow to you , my greetings to you, my salutations to you. This is paying our respect or homage to other person while greeting him. It is typical of Indian culture to greet one another with a namaste. […]

Upvaas: Significance of Upvaas Vrat, Why Upavasam is performed?

Upavaasa is one of the significant rituals of the Hindu community across the world. It is also part of other religions though the methods and names differ. Upavaasa is derived from the Sanskrit words Upa and vaasa. Upa means near and Vaasa means to stay. Upavaasa means to stay near to God mentally. However it is often […]

Namaste: Significance of Namaste in Indian culture & Hindu Tradition

Namaste in the Hindu tradition is more than just a greeting. It is the acknowledging of the fact that every soul is divine. Namaste literally means I bow down to you. Here the bowing down is to the divinity in the person irrespective of his age or merit. The namaste is performed by bringing both […]