Why Ganesha has elephant face | How Ganpati got elephant head?



There is an interesting story behind Ganesha’s elephant face. He had many servants like Nandi and Bhringi. One day, Shiva’s wife Parvati as usual went to bathe. Nandi was kept to watch the door and Parvati had instructed him not to let anyone.

When Shiva arrived, he was instructed not to enter. Parvati was displeased by the sudden entry of her husband. Next day, she had made figure of a boy with the dirt of her body and gave him life. It was this boy who turned to be a strong Ganesha. Ganesha bowed to his mother with affection and asked her Mother, What shall I do? The overjoyed Parvathi had instructed her son not to let anyone inside.

After sometime, Shiva had arrived. Shiva was not allowed to enter. He was annoyed with the Ganesha’s behavior and has shouted at Ganesha, Who are you? Shiva claimed that he was the husband of Parvati.

Ganesha replied; whoever it may be? Ganesha has pushed Lord Shiva. The insulted Shiva has blown away the Ganesha’s head with Thrishula.

When Parvati heard the news of death of her beloved son Ganesha, she was in grief. With the use of divine power, she has created thousands of goddesses. She has instructed to destroy all the enemies of her son.

The great sage Narada and gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Indra came to Parvati. They had requested to withdraw the deities and save the Gods who are destroyed. Parvathi replies that she would withdraw if her son is brought back to life.

Later Shiva instructs to find someone lying with its head towards North. Immediately they had brought the head of the elephant. Well, then Shiva had joined the elephant’s head to the trunk of Ganesha and gave him life.

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  1. Dhiren says:

    in hindu religion do the elephant face towards the door or away

  2. Anish says:

    Why the Elephant head placed on Ganeshas body should face the North