Who Am I, spiritual essence from Bhagwan Rajanish Osho

Are you wondering and interested to know “Who am I?” (Who are you?), Bhagwan Rajanish Osho explains it with an astounding spiritual quotation…

The authentic question is

“Who am I?”

And the only way to know is to be silent, be alert, be aware, watch your thoughts, and let them disappear.

One day, you will find all has become silent… not even a murmur of thought. Everything has stopped, as it time has stopped. And suddenly you are awake from a long, long dream, from a nightmare.

There is only one door which can help you, and that is within you.

Taking a jump into yourself, you have plunged into existence.

In that moment you feel a tremendous oneness with all. Then you are no longer lonely, no longer alone, because there is nobody who is other than you.

There is only you expanded in all directions, in all possible manifestations. It is you flowering in the tree; it is you moving in a white cloud. It is you in the ocean, in the river. It is you in the animals, in the people.

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  1. vasanthkumar.p says:

    Dear sir

    Kindly provide single gayathri mantra of all planets to avoid abstracles in life

    and also Rahu and Kethu japam manthra thie timing of doing

    with regards