What to do & What not to do on day of Grahan: DOs & DONTs during Surya or Chandra Grahanam

What to do and what not to do on the day of Surya or Chandra Grahan? Which things one has to perform and which things have to be avoided during Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan? Here is the list and description of both the questions. Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan are the most significant days as per Hinduism. During Surya Grahan, Sun losses all his energy after Grahan and regains his lost energy and gathers the whole cosmic energy after the next Surya Grahan.

We can witness many Chandra Grahans (Lunar Eclipses), but Surya Grahans (Solar Eclipses) are very rare. As per the science also, Lunar Eclipse has very less effects on living beings but Solar Eclipse significantly affects the living world.

Avoidable and recommendable works during Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan:

  1. It is advisable to avoid performing any important work or deal.
  2. After Grahan, many Hindus perform ritual bath. Take meal only after the ritual bath. Taking a holy dip in rivers or lakes is highly auspicious.
  3. Many Hindus observe fasting on the day of Surya or Chandra Grahanam.
  4. Avoid outside food during grahanam and as well as the whole day.
  5. Perform ritual bath, Puja, Japam, havan and all other rituals only after Grahan Moksh Kaal (the time when grahan is released).
  6. Avoid eating at the time of Grahanam.
  7. Avoid eating the food which is cooked before Grahan. Take the food which is cooked after Grahan. People can eat the food that is prevented from ‘Soothak (Ashouch). To prevent food from Soothak, just spill some til seeds or keep grass blades (Durva grass) on the food before grahan.
  8. During Surya Grahan, reciting Surya Stotras such as Aditya Hridayam; Maha Mritunjaya Mantram and Vishnu Stotras is highly auspicious.

The stotra given below states the above things:

Sarveshameva varnaanaam soothakam raahu darshane !

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  1. Ranjan Nilekani says:

    On the day of Solar eclipse of lunar eclipse, hindu temples are closed. Is there any scientific reason? Can you explain please.

  2. Gnanendra Pathak says:

    Keeping grass blades on stored food or water makes any reason? Let us know the main reason or the belief behind this.


      Yes. There are some scientifically proven reasons on keeping grass blades (durva or garika). It is scientifically proven that durva or garika cleans the water more than Tulsi leaves can do. I will let you know the details in further posts.

  3. Yogi Vinod Kumar says:

    As per my experience the most important thing is to live in constant integrated awareness of Oneness with the pure
    energy of Divine Love and Light whether there be an eclipse or not ! Yoga offers us tools to attain purity and harmony in thought , words and deed so we can experience Divine Love and Light…..

  4. Harika says:

    Could u please tell me the exact duration (timing also) of this surya grahan on 22 nd july.

  5. Rajender Pal singh says:

    Dear Sir
    My date of birth is 04-12-1975 tell me about the effect of this surya gran on me. also tell me the solutions.

    with regards

  6. Deepak says:

    Dear Friends, Our Holy Ved are filled with truth and science, which the modern generation do not recognize. The media of the modern times is totally irresponsible. I want to told, my Dear Friends a observation, (and it is a matter of further research) written in Vedas, that ‘CAUSE OF EARTH’S GRAVITAIONAL FIELD IS SUN’. Which is totally different from the modern days theory. There is also a news in the The Times of India July 21st Delhi edition-that there is a drop in Earth’s gravitational field during the eclipse. This matches with the theory in Vedas. In Vedas there is also a desciption of Universe size and its motion. But our so called progressive people make a mockery of our ancient assets and feel proud.

  7. VASU says:


  8. ramesh says:


  9. shubhangi says:

    hi im staying at dubai and pregnant with 17weeks. I want to know ab today’s means 31stdecember 2009 chandra grahan. Will it effective in dubai also. What should i avoid & for which period means for full day ??

  10. Vishnu says:

    Solar Eclipses can be viewed by following proper Scientific Procedures, by using proper tested and certified Solar Filters, which can by gathered from astronomyindia.org

    Call : 09440082627, 09581816676

  11. Huzefa says:

    HI if i have to do the work of cllg today then what i do should i avoid it or go after some time . plz reply soon.



  13. Chandana says:

    I just read an article where a doctor took an x ray of his hand by holding the dharba grass. It is observed that it doesn’t let the radiation pass through. So during Grahan, the radiation coming to earth is bad for us and the grass helps in stopping the food receiving it thus purifying things.

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  272. Suranjan says:

    garbhwati mahila kya kare aur kya na kare

  273. Alankar says:

    pregnant lady ko kya khana chahiye in hindi

  274. Shashank says:

    we have pregnant women in home do we do Ganpati Visarjan? or not tell me

  275. lohit says:

    can one eat meat on chandra grahan day.

  276. sadiya ruman says:

    Pregnant lady ko kya karna chahiye air kya nahi surya Graham ke waqt

  277. Raji Srinivasan says: