Sadguru Wamanrao Pai

Sadguru Sri Waman Rao Pai, was the founder of the Jeevanvidya Mission, a spiritual and a charitable movement in India. Through this movement he has educated lot of poor students, and lit the lamp in their lives, and apart from that, he also provided free boarding and lodging facilities and free uniforms during their period of studies.

His aim is to properly educate the children in order to make them to prosper in their life. He also taught the importance of spirituality among the students, and invoked the bhakti spirit into their minds.The mission has got lot of followers throughout Maharashtra.

Jeevanvidya aims to make the students to live a successful life. It aims at achieving spiritual energy for the students, and strongly builds their career path. Jeevanvidya philosophy defines as “God is the supreme one,among all the living beings in the earth, and each and every person must worship him, in order to run his life successfully”.

Jeevanvidya Mission was established in the year 1955 at Pune, Maharashtra. And afterwards it has establishedsome more branches in Pune. It operates as a social service and charitable institution and without aiming for any profit.

The activities of Jeevanvidya Mission include:

1. Conducting Discourses on Ramayan, Bhagavatham, Shiva Puran and Bhagavat Gita.

2. Publication of Spiritual books.

3. Explaining the importance of worshipping the divine deities and the great saints to the students.

4. Taught the goodness of doing social service activities among the students.

5. Properly educating the children by providing all the basic facilities to them.

6. Providing free food and clothes to the poor people.

7. Helps the down trodden people to raise their standard of living.
Sadguru Sri Wamanrao died in the year 2012, after rendering selfless service to the society for many years.

Let us worship the great spiritual guru and be blessed.

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