Vrishabha Rashi August 2014 Horoscope Predictions

Vrishabha Rashi is the second Rashi in 12 Rashi Hindu Astrology system. August 2014 corresponds with Shravan Month and Bhadrapada Month as per Amavasyant calendars (Marathi, Kannada, Telugu & Gujarati calendars) & Purnimant calendars (North Indian Hindi calendars).

August 2014 corresponds with Aadi Masam and Avani Masam in Tamil calendar; Karkidaka Masam and Chinga Masam in Malayalam calendar & Shraban Month and Bhadra Month in Bengali calendar.

In Nepali calendar, August 2014 is Shrawan Month and Bhadra Month.

Career Predictions August 2014 

Pressure from your boss keeps your feel irritating. Chance of buying or exchanging your own vehicles.

Vrishabha Rashi Dashas (Taurus’ Planetary Periods)

1 August 2014 to 25 August 2014 – Kuja Dasha – Dukkha (sadness)

25 August 2014 to 31 August 2014 – Budha Dasha – Sukha (happiness)

Jupiter Transit effects on Vrishabha Rashi in August 2014

Guru will be in 3rd house. It results in Mitra Viyoga, Udyoga Bhanga (may loss job), hard work, relatives go against you and body pains are on cards for Vrishabha Rashi natives.

Saturn Transit effects on Vrishabha Rashi in August 2014

Till 1 November 2014, Shani will be in 6th House. It results in good amount of financial gains, getting together with friends and relatives, auspicious events in family and home front, happiness all around, etc..

Rahu Transit effects on Vrishabha Rashi in August 2014

From 13 July 2014 till the end of the year (20 March 2015), Rahu will be in 5th House which may result in – enmity with children (sons / daughters), obstacles from officers, loss of wealth, sadness, laziness, etc..

Ketu Transit effects on Vrishabha Rashi in August 2014

From 13 July 2014 till the end of the year (20 March 2015), Ketu will be in 11th House. It may result in good health, gain of vehicles, taking part in functions, gain of clothes and ornaments, etc..

Weekly Predictions of August 2014

Sunday, 3 August 2014 to Saturday, 9 August 2014

Your love interest can easily and effortlessly make you go ga ga all over them. You feel defenseless and show all your emotions to this person. You are going through a phase where others find you unreliable, restless and non-committed. Take heart for this too shall pass.

This week people will be drawn to your positive energy. This stems from your vibrancy, enthusiasm and extraordinary energy. You may feel overburdened by the expectations others have of you.

Do not make any commitments without being sure that you can deliver. Try and sort out minor issues that have been limiting your progress. People interacting with you will depend on your loyalty, sincerity and support. And you will not betray their trust.

You may have to take some tough decisions to ensure that your future is safeguarded. These decisions may invite the ire of others. You love eating and have to face perpetual weight problem.

You need a strict diet plan and ensure that you stick to it. You will easily deal with all the minor problems that you are faced with. You will complete all responsibilities vested on you by the family and the society.

Vrishabha Rashi Natives

Krittika Nakshatram 1, 2, 3 padas or charans, Rohini Nakshatram all padas, Mrigasira Nakshatram 1, 2 padas are categorized under Vrishabha Rashi.

Those who are born between April 21 and May 20 are the natives of Taurus Zodiac as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (nakshatram).

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