Vrishabha Rashi July 2019 Monthly Predictions | Taurus Horoscope July 2019

Vrishabha Rasi (Taurus moon sign or Taurus zodiac sign) is the second among 12 Rashi systems of Hindu Astrology.

Krittika Nakshatram 1, 2, 3 padas or charans, Rohini Nakshatram all padas, Mrigasira Nakshatram 1, 2 padas are categorized under Vrishabha Rashi.

Those who are born between April 21 and May 20 are the natives of Taurus Zodiac as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (nakshatram).

Vrishabha Rashi July 2019 Monthly Horoscope – Predictions

Vrishabha Rashi Education Predictions July 2019

Students have to be very cautious as the stars are not favorable and it can bring in lot of struggles without any reason. If you are pursuing higher education, you may not get suitable opportunities and this can lead to some level of disappointment. Students appearing for exams should work extra hard so that they can succeed to some level in their efforts.

Vrishabha Rashi Career Predictions July 2019

You will have to work extra hard during this phase as the stars are not favorable. You may not get suitable rewards for your hard work. Business people traveling for work may not get good results and the profit margin will not be very attractive during this period. However, you should continue to work hard and have patience so that you can reap good profits in future.

Vrishabha Rashi Wealth Predictions July 2019

You may not be completely satisfied with your financial status during this period. If you are expecting some inflow of money from any sources, you may not get good results in this situation and you have to wait for some more time to get fruitful results. People working in creative field should be ready to face a dry spell with regards to finances. It is better to avoid new investments in this period as they may not provide good results in future.

Vrishabha Rashi Family Life Predictions July 2019

You will thoroughly enjoy your family life during this month and you may even have an auspicious ceremony at your home. Everyone around you will be happy with your behavior and there will be complete harmony in your family life.

Vrishabha Rashi Children Predictions July 2019

Your children will be obedient during this phase and you will be satisfied with their performance in studies and other field. Even teachers will be happy with the performance and behavior of your children. If your children are interested in higher education, you should encourage them as this period is conducive for such activities and it will yield fruitful results.

Vrishabha Rashi Health Predictions July 2019

This month will be favorable for your overall health and you can even get relief from previously existing digestive disorders. However, you should also pay attention to your health and maintain a strict diet to avoid sore throat problems. If you have any issues with your heart, get yourself examined completely to rule out any complications in the long run.

Vrishabha Rashi Travel Predictions July 2019

This is not a favorable month with regards to useful trips and you may have to travel for work reasons without much benefits. If possible, try to avoid traveling for work during this phase as your efforts will not provide the best results. However, the same efforts can bring good results in future.

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