Vrischika Rasi 2011 Predictions in Telugu – Vrischika Rashi 2011 Horoscope for Free

Vrischika rasi (Scorpio moon sign) is the eighth among 12 rashis in Hindu astrology. Here you can download Vrischika rasi 2011 Predictions in Telugu (Vrischika rashi 2011 horoscope) for free in PDF format. For Vrischika rasi, income (aadayam) and expenses (vyayam); and honor (rajyapujyam) and avamanam (dishonor) are also given here for 2011.

Income – 14; Expenses – 2; honour – 4; dishonour – 7

Lalitha Devi aradhana (worshipping Goddess Lalitha Devi) is highly auspicious for Vrischika rashi natives in 2011.

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  1. s.radhika says:

    i want my future…..i am getting job are not……….

  2. sanjay kumar says:

    i want toknow my rashi fal by email

  3. nithin srihari says:

    study and vehicle status ; is there any break to achive ?

  4. nithin srihari says:

    How continuous my study and whether I purchase vehicle status ;

  5. Sunderesen.B. says:

    How many times the anuradha birth star prayer has to told daily. I have STARTED SAYING 27 TIMES.

    How many times the vrichika rasi prayer has to told daily.

    I pray for your immediate suggestion.




    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Chanting any prayer for 108 times is more auspicious. We can do as many times as we can based on our convenience.

  6. Puranjay says:

    telugu astrology for 2013 vrischika rashi adayam and vyayam