Viswabandhu Marulasiddha | Marularadhya, Daruka | One of Panchacharya of Lingayatism

Viswabandhu Marulasiddha

Viswabandhu Marulasiddha

Viswabandhu Marulasiddha (Marularadhya | Daruka) was a Veerashaiva saint and the follower of Sri Basavanna, the founder of the Lingayat sect in Karnataka. Viswabandhu was considered as one of the five main saints of Lingayatism.

Viswabandhu was the founder of a mutt in Ujjini at Karnataka, and his name implies as the relative to the entire world.His followers are called as Sadhu Lingayats , who are one of the subcastes of Lingayatism.

Most of them are living in various parts of Karnataka.The main mutt for the Sadulingayath community is located in a Village in Karnataka. Similar to the other Lingayat saints, he insisted his followers to wear the holy marks in their body, in order to expose themselves as Shiva devotees before others.He considered Basavanna as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and followed his teachings and also spread it amongst the masses.

Some of his teachings are as follows:

1. Don’t get angry for anything in your life.

2. Don’t over estimate yourself in front of others.

3. Avoid negative thoughts.

4. Humanity, morality and honesty must be sincerely followed by us.

5. Consider all castes of people as alike and don’t find any difference between them.

6. Show sympathy on all the living beings in the world, and control your mind.

7. Remove the badness from you in order to shine in the spiritual path.

8. Shiva only heals your diseases and would give great comfort to you.

9. Don’t concentrate on worldly comforts.

10. Chant the glorious names of Shiva and try to get his grace by showing your sincere faith on him.

11. Help others and always move softly and gently with others.

12. Respect your parents.


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