‘Vishwambhara Avadhoota’ Avatara of Dattatreya

Dattatreya 9 no-watermark

Dattatreya 9 no-watermark

Vishwambhara Avadhoota Avatara is ninth of Dattatreya’s 16 incarnations. Also spelt as Vishwambharavadhoota, Shri Datta’s ninth Avatara was first appeared on Chaitra Shuddha Poornima, Tuesday, Chitra Nakshatra, in the second prahar.

With a view to test the siddhas and see how far they have progressed, Shri Datta assumed the dirty form of a mlenchha. His face was robust. He had black string round his neck, a zigzag stick in his hand and a black dog followed him. He saw that some siddhas were meditating, while some were enjoying the jokes and some others suffering from miseries.

The siddhas asked him questions as before and he replied in the same style. Then realising him to be Shri Datta, they surrendered to him and began to praise him. Shri Datta then appeared before them in his usual lovely form and advised them to give up doubts and concentrate their minds on him.

Vishwambhara Avadhoota Dhyana Shloka

Vishwambharaaya Devaaya

Bhaktha Priya Karaayacha

Bhaktha Priyaaya Devaaya

Naama Priyaayathe Namaha

Vishwambhara Avadhoota Arghya Mantras

Viswambharaaya Devaaya, Bhakta Priya Karaayacha, Bhakta Priyaaya Devaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Kaayena yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Sarva Agnaana Vinaashaaya, Dwanda Thaapa Haraayacha, Yogaashrama Vinaashaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Vachasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Naama Priyaaya Devaaya, Yoga Samsthaapakaayacha, Sarvothama Siddhaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Manasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

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