Vinayaka Songs by Avvaiyar

4 Ganesha

4 Ganesha

Avvaiyar also respectfully known as Ma Avvaiyar was a Sangam period Tamil poet and Saint, and she was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. She appears in the pictures in the form of an old saintly lady, and it is believed, that she would have been lived before 2000 years ago, and due to her great spiritual powers, she went to the abode of Lord Shiva, the Holy Kailash and she had got the divine vision of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati.

During her period, she used to travel to many places, and she had visited lot of holy temples in India. She also maintained cordial friendship with the then Tamil kings like Adiyaman, Paari and Bogan, and she also gave valuable advices to them towards managing the affairs of their kingdom.She sung some beautiful songs on Lord Vinayaka, and it is believed that the first god had appeared in front of her, and nodded his head, in order to give proper recognition to her divine poems. She lived a long life in the earth, and after her death, it is believed that she had attained salvation.

Some of the nice contents present in her divine songs on Lord Vinayaka are as follows:-

O, My Lord Ganesha, I bow before you, and I willfully offer my prayers to you.

I offer my humble Salutations to Lord Vinayaka, who is the son of Ma Parvati and Lord Mahadeva.

My respectful Salutations to the one who has one tusk, and four hands and Lord Vinayaka is the one, who contains great powers, and who holds the entire universe on his big stomach.

The sindhoor is seen applied on his forehead and various fragrances like Akthar, Javadu and Punugu is sprayed on his body, and he is also decorated with precious ornaments, divine flowers and flower garlands, and he is mounted on his Divine Vehicle Mooshika.

Oh My Dear Vinayaka, your Devotees fondly offer the betel leaves, the flowers and the Holy Modakams to you and apart from that, delicious Ladoos are also kept for you, as Holy Prasad.

On My beloved Lord Vinayaka, you are granting vision to the blind and good health to the sick people.

Oh My Dear Vinayaka you shower your blessings on all of your devotees, and you fulfil their wishes.

Oh My Lord Vinayaka, you are the first god, you contain attractive beauty, and you have been surrounded by your consorts Ma Riddhi and Siddhi and the demigods like Lord Indra and Lord Surya and Chandra, and they are continuously chanting your innumerable names and your divine mantras.

Oh My Great Lord Vinayaka, you have destroyed dreaded demons like Sindurasur and Gajamukasur, and safeguarded the Divine Devas in the heaven.

Oh My Beloved Vinayaka, you have granted salvation to the great sage Purushundi and Vallalan and made them to permanently reside at your beautiful Ganesha Loka.

Oh My Dear Vinayaka, you have been surrounded by sages and saints, and they are continuously praising about your significance.

Oh Lord Vinayaka, please make me to become your sincere devotee, and help me to permanently reside at your Ganesha Loka.


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