Vikrutinama Samvatsara Ugadi – Vikruthi Nama Samvatsara Ugadi

Vikrutinama Samvatsara Ugadi or the first day of Vikruthi Nama Samvatsaram is Telugu New Year and Kannada New Year day in traditional Shalivahana Shaka Calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In 2010, Ugadi date is March 16. Vikrutinama Samvatsaram is the 24th year among 60 years of traditional Shalivahana Shaka system of Kaalachakram.

Vikrutinama Samvatsaram or 2010-2011 Telugu or Kannada year has Adhika Vaishaka Masam (15th April 2010 – 14th May 2010). Adhika masam is considered as Shoonya masam during which no auspicious dead is performed as per Hindu Astrology. In this year there will be 13 months including an Adhika Vaisakha month.

Ugadi is celebrated as Gudi Padwa or Samvatsar Padvo or Marathi New year in Maharashtra. Cheti Chand is the Sindhi New Year, observed on the day after Ugadi. Malayalam New Year is celebrated as Vishu.

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