Venus Eclipse 2012: Will Venus Eclipse 2012 mark the end of the World in Hinduism?

Venus Eclipse or Shukra Grahan will occur in June 2012. Will this Venus Eclipse of 2012 mark the end of the world as per Hinduism and Hindu Astrology? Here is the detailed explanation about the topic. This is the second Venus Eclipse in this century. On 6 June 2012, before sunrise in North Pole, the initial contact of the eclipse begins at the North Eastern regions. This Venus Eclipse will be visible in North Western America, North Asia, Japan, Korea, East China, Western Pacific regions, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and East Africa. The contact of Venus will not be visible in India and other neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc., as it will be the night time. But the people of these places can watch the release of Venus Eclipse (conclusion of Venus transit)..

The first Venus eclipse in this century one was on 8 June 2004 (Tharana nama samvatsara Krishna Paksha sashti in Jyeshta month / Ashad month in Hindu calendar). It is to note that Venus Eclipse occurs only twice in a century. 2004 Shukra grahan was visible in India.

It is obvious that after Eclipses some natural disasters occur. After Venus Eclipse in 2004, Tsunami occurred. Like this there is a little bit of chance that a small disaster will happen after the Venus Eclipse 2012. About Dooms Day – Hinduism and Hindu Astrologers clearly denied the rumors that world will end in 2012.

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