Shukra Grahan in May 2010 – Venus Eclipse on 16 May 2010

Shukra Grahan or Venus Eclipse will take place on May 16, 2010 (Akshaya Tritiya). It is viewable in some parts of India such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. Shukra is known as the Rakshasa Guru (Asura Guru) in Hindu Astrology and one of the Navagrahas (nine planets). It will be visible from 3:30 in the evening from 5:30 in various parts of the country. This is viewable with the help of powerful binoculars. In Hyderabad, Shukra will disappear at 4:08 pm and comes out at 5:34 pm.
Moon comes between the Earth and Shukra. This is the reason why Shukra Grahan (Disappearance of Shukra) will occur. After 7 pm, we can view Shukra under the Moon.

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