Veer Teja (Tejaji)

Veer Teja Tejaji

Veer Teja Tejaji

Sri Veer Teja also fondly called as Tejaji is a village deity of people in Rajasthan. He is considered as a DIVINE AMSHA of Lord Shiva, and he is mostly worshipped by the rural people, as their Kula Deva and their Ishta Deva.

Veer Teja was born in the year 1256 AD in Khadnal, Rajasthan in a pious Rajasthani Hindu family, and by birth itself he was considered as a divine child, and used to perform pujas to the Shiva Lingam from his young age itself.

Veer Tejaji is considered as a brave warrior, who had safeguarded the suppressed people, and fought for their rights and highly respected the women, and he was against caste discrimination. He has expressed his divine powers during the times of sufferings of his devotees, and removed the various problems in their life, and still protecting his devotees from his shrine.

Tejaji had died in the year 1304,during a battle and he relieved the people from poisonous diseases and from snake bites, and considered as a guardian deity for the people.
Even now people in Rajasthan used to see him in the nights, and he rides in a white horse, and dressed in colourful clothes, and protects his devotees from their enemies and thieves.


1. Tejaji Temple at Kharnal

2. Tejaji temple at Paner

3. Shree Veer Tejaji Samadhi Temple, Sursura

In the year 2011, Postage stamps were released by the Indian Government depicting Tejaji, in order to honour the “MOST PRECIOUS DEITY”.

A Rajasthani movie named as Veer Tejaji was produced during 1980’s, and it received a grand applause from the audience.

Let us worship the great SAVIOUR and be blessed.


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