Vedic Seminar in Tirupati – Veda Mahasabha discussed various aspects of Vedas

Three-day Vedic Seminar or Veda Mahasabha is held from 4th March to 6th March, 2010. Over 1,000 scholars from various states of the country and also from abroad have presented papers on various subjects from the Vedas in Telugu, Sanskrit, and English.

Express Buzz reported:

When someone says that Vedas are the source of knowledge, the immediate question that flashes in mind is in what way they could benefit common man in the modern world.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams and Sri Venkateswara Vedic University here made an attempt to show the world the value of Vedas in the modern context by organising a three-day international vedic seminar which concluded today. Over 1,000 scholars from various parts of the country and abroad presented papers on the subject in Sanskrit, Telugu and English.

The papers which were presented in English at the Max Muller Vedika on Vedic University campus focused on relevance of Vedas in modern context.

They include `Ayurveda: its Vedic roots and foundational ideas, `The pancha bhutas: their origin and role in understanding the physical world, `The scope of vedic sciences and contemporary relevance, `Vedic mathematics – language of space, `Mathematical concept in vedic scripture, `Plants in vedic literature: their scientific and social dimensions, ‘Mimamsa Sastra and computer science, ‘Astronomy in Vedic lore and‘Open issues in using unicode for representation of vedic text.

Another major attraction of the seminar was an exhibition on Vedic lore including Ayurveda. It was jointly organised by Vedic University, SV College of Ayurveda, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, SV Institute of Sculpture and Temple Architecture and SV Central Library of TTD.

Most of the presentations in the exhibition were laboriously prepared by the students of vedic university with help of their faculty. In vedic culture hall, various posters and models threw a light on vedic rituals, agamic traditions, different types of yagas and utensils used in the rituals. They were displayed with Sanskrit texts explaining about their relevance. Scripts and manuscripts on day to day vedic science were exhibited in RSVP hall. However, it was Ayurvedic hall which drew the attention of the most.

Several aspects of Ayurveda, which remains a mystery even for todays modern medical fraternity were demonstrated.

“Ayurveda is the perfect example for application of Vedic sutras. Maharishis like Sushrutha and Charaka in the days of yore had extracted knowledge from various sutras of the four Vedas for the health and well being of human race and over a period of time it came to be known as Ayurveda, Explained Dr. Datatreya, HoD of Surgery in SV Ayurvedic college and hospital.

“We often hear the term `Panchabautic, that is our body and entire universe is made of five elements. However, one should understand that when Ayurveda says `Pruthvi, it is not just the earth but also indicate solid state. The Ayurveda sutras may seem simple strands of hymns, but they contain vast knowledge, says GP Rami Reddy, HoD of Fundamental Principles in Ayurvedic College.

Some interesting posters of Dola Yantra, Patala Yantra, Katchapa Yantra of Rasa Sala in Ayurveda gave an insight into the ancient knowledge of turning poisonous metals and minerals into life saving drugs.

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