Veda Parayanam | Recital of Vedas

The Vedas are one of the holy texts of the Hindu Scriptures. They are very useful in the present day. The Vedas consist of several kinds of texts, which were written during the ancient period. The recitation of Vedas is formed by the Mantras which contains prayers, and rituals etc.

The Vedas are divided into four groups, Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda. Each group has a Mantra.

The Rigveda Parayanam can be done at the convenience place, and the Rig Veda is the oldest, among the Vedas, and it contains thousands of verses, and it deals with our social, religious, and economic background.

The Samaveda Parayanam can be done at our home or in the temples, and the Samaveda is the restructure of the Rigveda, but have some separate details on its own. In fact, Samaveda ranks next in Holiness to the Rigveda.

The Yajurveda Parayanam is generally done by the large number of Brahmin scholars, and the Yayurveda also contains a good collection of Vedas, and it was compiled to meet the requirements of the ancient religious practices. In fact, it was developed for the priests while doing their sacrificial Yagnas.

Atharvaveda Parayanam is mainly done in Shakti Temples like Ma Pratyangira Devi Temple, and the Atharvaveda is entirely different from the other Vedas. It is a very simplified Veda, than that of the Rig Veda, and it contains thousands of verses.

The Vedas are very essential for those who follow the “Sanatana Dharma”,and it is meant for the Hindus. Vedas are our most important religious text,and its popularity will never diminish, and the importance of Vedas, are mentioned by our great Rishis in the Hindu Puranas. Vedas contains good principles which are essential for our day to day life.

Benefits of Veda Parayanam:

  1. Performing Veda parayanam creates a positive vibration in the house, and reciting the Vedas would remove our diseases and gives more confidence in our life.
  2. Veda parayanam gives the performer the ultimate knowledge of our Vedas and they would get the divine bliss.
  3. The ancient sages have attained great spiritual powers by regularly doing Veda Parayanam.
  4. The almighty would be pleased if we sincerely recite the Vedas.
  5. Veda Parayanam would give good spiritual energy to our mind and body, and would purify our mind.




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