Varaha Upanishad PDF download, Varaha Upanishath

Varaha Upanishad is a part of Krishna Yajurveda. Here you can download Varaha Upanishad PDF document for free.

It explains how Lord Varaha appeared in front of the great sage Ribhu and how Varaha swamy tought about the spiritual energy ignited in human.

All the 96 thathwas of human and soul are explained in Varaha Upanishad.

Varaha swamy is the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The main aim of his incarnation was to protect the earth and the universe from deluge.

Download Varaha Upanishad PDF document for free

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  1. mahesh says:

    thanks for Naveen ji for posting the upanishad links. I am very greatful to you sir