Varaha Purana

Varaha Avatara of Lord Vishnu

Varaha Avatara of Lord Vishnu

The Varaha Purana is a famous Purana, and it describes the importance of Lord Varaha. It is one of the eighteen puranas, and it is believed to have been written by Sage Veda Vyasa in Sanskrit.In this text, the benefits of doing charity are explained clearly. Among the various forms of charity, food donation is considered as the best donation.

Once a person eats wholeheartedly and blesses the provider of the food, the donor of the food would get all kinds of prosperity in this earth. We can also give food to the charitable institutions like orphanages, old age homes, Institute of Mental health etc. Donating clothes to the roadside beggars and to the poor people is considered as a noble act. We can help the road side dwellers by constructing houses for them, so that, they can live comfortably in their houses.

The Varaha Purana tells that, when the demon Hiranyaksha throws the earth mother, Bhudevi into the ocean, Lord Vishnu took the form of wild boar, killed Hiranyaksha, and rescued her from the demon.Lord Varaha is mainly worshipped for purchase of properties, and also for good cultivation of crops. By worshipping Lord Varaha, proper harvesting would take place, and all the crops would grow up properly and would give good results. Those who suffer from land disputes are suggested to worship Lord Varaha at his temples situated throughout India.

Among the Varaha temples, VarahaSwamy Temple located at Srimushnam, Tamil Nadu is considered as the ancient and famous temple, and everyday lot of devotees from all parts of Tamil Nadu, would worship this VarahaSwamy.

Keeping a copy of Varaha Purana book in our homes would help our children to shine brightly in their studies, and also they would get good physical and mental strength.


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