King Varaguna Pandiyan

King Varaguna Pandiyan is an ancient Pandiyan King, and he was the son of King Rajasimha, and his other name was Sadayavarma Pandiyan. The stone inscriptions about him are found in some of the Shiva Temples, and his idols are also installed in few temples of Lord Shiva. He has done lot of divine services to the temples like gifting of gold, elephants and cows, and also implemented regular puja schemes in the temples of Lord Shiva. Through his staunch devotion on Lord Shiva, once he had seen the divine vision of Lord Shiva, who was sitting in the Divine Bull, Lord Nandidevar along with his consort Ma Parvati, in the holy Mountain Kailash.

Lot of Shaivite saints have praised the great King Varaguna Pandiyan for showing staunch devotion on Lord Shiva. Once King Varaguna Pandiyan accidentally killed a Brahmin, and due to that, he began to suffer from the dreaded Brahmahati Dosham. Lord Shiva appeared in his dream and asked him to visit the Thiruvidaimaruthur Mahalingeswara Swamy Temple, in order to get rid from the Brahmahati Dosham. The king also done like that, and he also took bath in the holy River Cauvery, and then he was relieved from the Dosham. Still now, we can find the statue of King Varaguna Pandiyan in the Mahalingeswara Shiva Temple Shrine, and he can be seen in the form of bowing posture.

Once, he has offered his consort itself to Lord Shiva, and in recognition to his pure bhakti, a spark appeared from the Shiva Lingam and the queen of Varaguna Pandiyan was absorbed into the Lingam, and the holy queen has attained salvation. The Pandiyan king has got such a staunch devotion on Lord Shiva, which we cannot imagine in this present day world!

King Varaguna Pandiyan after giving a golden rule for more than 30 years, after his death, he was merged with Lord Shiva. He has kept utmost faith and bhakti on Lord Shiva similar to the Siddhars and Nayanmar Saints.

Whoever visits Lord Mahalingeswara Swamy Temple at Thiruvidaimaruthur, must have to surely visit the small shrine dedicated to King Varaguna Pandiyan, and we can also offer our prayers to him, by considering him to be one of the “PRECIOUS DEVOTEES OF LORD SHIVA”. Since I have the golden opportunity to permanently stay nearby Thiruvidaimaruthur Sri Mahalingeswara Swamy Temple, I have visited the shrine of the great King Varaguna Pandiyan for several times, and offered my sincere prayers to him.


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