Valmiki Maharshi

Sage Valmiki is celebrated as the author of the great Hindu epic Ramayana. He was born during Treta Yuga.

Ramayana, contained the details of various incidents occurred during the life of Lord Rama. The Ramayana tells the story of Rama, king of Ayodhya, about his birth, marriage life, life in forest, fight with Ravana and killing him and rescue of Mata Sita, through the help of Lord Hanuman and Lord Sugriva.

It is also believed that Valmiki also lived during the period of Rama. Rama met Valmiki and Valmiki gave shelter to Sita in his ashram and took care of her two children.

It is believed that Valmiki was born in the banks of the holy river Ganga. At his younger age, he lived as a thief to safeguard his family. Due to the advice of Rishi Narada, he turned out to be a holy man, and began doing severe penance by chanting Rama Mantra,RAMA,RAMA, for a long period of time. Due to that, he was covered with anthills and hence he was called as “VALMIKI”.He also learnt the vedas and Hindu scriptures from Rishi Narada, Valmiki later composed the entire Ramayana with the blessings of Lord Brahma.

Valmiki is considered as the first poet and Ramayana, written by him was considered as the first poem.


Valmiki was a great sage, who devoted his entire attention on the meditation on Lord Rama, and also took care of his wife Mata Sita and their children, Lava and Kusha in a proper manner. By writing the great epic Ramayana, he had got great power, and also got the blessings from Lord Rama.

It is suggested that people should worship the great sage Valmiki, in order to get good knowledge in all the subjects. Tulsidas was the incarnation of Sage Valmiki, and he composed the Ramcharitmanas, the Hindi version of Ramayana. Though he was the author of Ramayana, he never got pride, and was a humble and a noble scholar.

At Tiruvanmiyur,Chennai nearby bus terminus, a small temple was dedicated to the great sage Valmiki. It is suggested to worship him, whenever we have got a chance to visit the Tiruvanmiyur area, in order to attain all the prosperity in our life, and to get the blessings of Valmiki as well as Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. It is believed that the temple constructed was more than 1300 years old.

Let the worship the great sage “VALMIKI”, and be blessed.

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