Ma Valli Namavali | 108 Names of Valli Mata

Valli Kalyanam on Vaikasi Visakam

Valli Kalyanam on Vaikasi Visakam

Ma Valli Namavali, 108 Names of Valli Mata…. Valli is a goddess and the consort of Lord Muruga. Valli was born as the daughter of Lord Vishnu in her previous birth with the name Sundaravalli.

She was the adopted daughter of Nambi Rajan, the tribal leader of the Mountain kingdom. She was a sincere devotee of Lord Muruga from her childhood itself. Valli used to pray to Muruga with great devotion, and wants him to be her consort. Once, while she was protecting the crops from the birds, she met Lord Murugan in the form of a hunter, an old man, and finally revealed his true form.

After some time, Lord Muruga has transformed into a young man, and started talking with Valli. At that time, Valli’s father Nambirajan and his followers were arrived at that place, and without recognising the young man as Lord Muruga, they fought with him, and all of them were killed in the hands of Lord Muruga, but due to the request of Valli, they were brought back alive, and Lord Murugan took his true form and blessed the tribesmen, and the chief performed marriage to Valli and Murugan.


1.Om Valliyai namah
2.Om Ammaiye namah
3.Om Muruga Patniyai namah
4.Om Bhadrayai namah
5.Om Sarvanayai namah
6.Om Vijayayai namah
7.Om Jayajayeswaryai namah
8.Om Vansaiyai namah
9.Om Sarvabooshaniyai namah
10.Om gauryai namah
11.Om varahyai namah
12.Om kamalalosiniyai namah
13.Om sarasvatyai namah
14.Om kamala pushyai namah
15.Om mayayai namah
16.Om matamgyai namah
17.Om aparajityai namah
18.Om ajayasyai namah
19.Om samkabharaniyai namah
20.Om murugesiniyai namah
21.Om Skandiniyai namah
22.Om kundaliniyai namah
23.Om shaivyai namah
24.Om shaktiyai namah
25.Om sriniyai namah
26.Om aiswaryai namah
27.Om madhumananyai namah
28.Om girijamohiniyai namah
29.Om subhavatiyai namah
30.Om ambikaraniyai namah
31.Om tarashantiniyai namah
32.Om padmaraginiyai namah
33.Om hamsamyai namah
34.Om brahmanda roopaya namah
35.Om aparvayai namah
36.Om lalithayai namah
37.Om dhairiniyai namah
38.Om kumarayai namah
39.Om mayilvahinyai namah
40.Om sambhaviniyai namah
41.Om sumukhaviniyai namah
42.Om maitraviniyai namah
43.Om trinetradeviyai namah
44.Om visveswaryai namah
45.Om aryanyai namah
46.Om mridulayai namah
47.Om omkaryai namah
48.Om krodhinyai namah
49.Om sudinayai namah
50.Om achalayai namah
51.Om sukshmayai namah
52.Om parathparayai namah
53.Om sobhasiniyai namah
54.Om sarvavarnayai namah
55.Om harapriyayai namah
56.Om mahalaksmyai namah
57.Om mahasiddhayai namah
58.Om svadhayai namah
59.Om svahayai namah
60.Om manonmanyai namah
61.Om trilokapalinyai namah
62.Om udbhutayai namah
63.Om trisandhyayai namah
64.Om tripurantakyai namah
65.Om trisaktyai namah
66.Om tripadayai namah
67.Om durgayai namah
68.Om brahmayai namah
69.Om trailokyavasinyai namah
70.Om puskarayai namah
71.Om atrisutayai namah
72.Om gomatiyai namah
73.Om trivarnayai namah
74.Om trisvarayai namah
75.Om trigunayai namah
76.Om nirgunayai namah
77.Om satyayai namah
78.Om nirvikalpayai namah
79.Om niramjinyai namah
80.Om jvalinyai namah
81.Om malinyai namah
82.Om carcayai namah
83.Om nibarhinyai namah
84.Om kamaksyai namah
85.Om kaminyai namah
86.Om kantayai namah
87.Om kamadayai namah
88.Om kalahamsinyai namah
89.Om salajjayai namah
90.Om kulajayai namah
91.Om prajnyai namah
92.Om prabhayai namah
93.Om madanasundaryai namah
94.Om vagisvaryai namah
95.Om visalaksyai namah
96.Om sumamgalyai namah
97.Om kalyai namah
98.Om mahesvaryai namah
99.Om Skandaraniyai namah
100.Om bhairaveshyai namah
101.Om bhuvaneshvaryai namah
102.Om nityayai namah
103.Om sanandavibhavayai namah
104.Om satyajnanayai namah
105.Om tamotpahayai namah
106.Om murugapriyankaryai namah
107.Om sundaryai namah
108.Om amudiniyai namah


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