Role of Ganapathi in Marriage of Valli Devasena

Sri Satru Samhara Moorthy Murugan

Sri Satru Samhara Moorthy Murugan

How Ganapathi helped his brother marry Valli, a tribal princess? Here is the story of Sri Valli Devasena and the role of Ganesha in their marriage…

Subramanya first married Devasena the daughter of Indra. Subrahmanya later during his travels in south fell in love with Valli who was a tribal princess.

Though Valli loved Lord Subrahmanya she was scared of him, her being a simple tribal girl and he being the celestial God.

One day while Valli was walking in the forest, Lord Ganapathi took the form of an elephant and chased Valli. Subrahmanya in the form of an old man gave her protection and requested the elephant to go away. Then Lord Subrahmanya showed his real form and both of them got married.

The story is first published by Sri PR Ramchander in his blog.

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