Vajrajwala, Wife of Kumbhakarna

Vajrajwala was the pious consort of Kumbakarna, the younger brother of Ravana. She was mentioned in Ramayana, as a beautiful and a good mannered lady, and she was also considered as a chaste and a kind hearted lady and she showered her sincere love and affection towards her husband Kumbakarna. She also maintained cordial relationship with the second wife of Kumbakarna whose name was Karkati.

Kumbha and Nikumbha were the children of Vajrajwala and Kumbakarna. She considered Ravana as her own father, and maintained good relationship with him. She also tried her level best to discharge Ma Sita from Lanka, and had spoken to Ravana about this matter for several times. She met Ma Sita and moved with her in a friendly manner, removed her tears, and gave lot of support and confidence to her.

While asking for boons to Lord Brahma, Kumbakarna had mistakenly asked for proper sleep to Lord Brahma, and as a result he used to be active only for six months in a year, and the remaining six months he would take a long sleep.

During his resting period, it was Ma Vajrajwala who would never disturb him from his fast sleep, and also would ask the messengers to keep proper food stuffs after he relieved from his sleep. When Kumbakarna was ready to participate in the Lanka war, it was Ma Vajrajwala, who had stopped him from going to the war. But Kumbakarna ignored her words, and participated in the war, and finally he was killed by Lord Rama in the war.

After the death of Kumbakarna, Vajrajwala entered into the pyre of her husband, and attained salvation.Ancient queens lived only for the sake of their husbands, and they have sacrificed their entire soul and body to their husbands. They used to always think about the goodness of their consorts, and would even willingly die in the hands of their consorts.


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