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Mata Vaishno Devi

Mata Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi, also known as Vaishnavi, is the incarnation of Mata Parvati. Vaishno Devi Mandir is a famous temple dedicated to Goddess Vaishnavi and is located in Kashmir.

Lakhs of devotees are visiting the Holy Shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi every year in Kashmir.
She was formed through the union of the Tridevis, Parvati,Lakshmi and Saraswati.

After destroying several demons, she incarnated as a human with the name of Vaishnavi, in order to maintain peace in the earth.

At his younger age itself, she was very much devoted to Lord Vishnu, and wanted to marry him.

Lord Vishnu appeared before her and granted her the boon that during his kalki avatar at the end of kaliyuga, he would marry her and asked her to wait for him on the trikuta mountain and to bless her devotees, which is located in the present day Kashmir, and her temple is also situated in trikuta mountain ranges.


1. Vaishnavi temple in Bangalore

2. Vaishnavi temple in Gulbarga

3. Vaishnavi temple in Jaipur

4. Vaishnavi temple in Delhi

5. Vaishnavi temple in Chennai

6. Vaishnavi temple in Haridwar

7. Vaishnavi temple in Andhra Pradesh


She contains great power and energy of the gods and goddess and is worshipped mainly in North India, and also in some parts of South India. She is worshipped as “VAISHNAVI” in South India. She is the mother for the entire universe, and she cures all the diseases related to mental and physical and also protects them from evil forces.

She is also considered as a powerful deity, who will come along with us in all walks of our life. We have to perform puja and abhishekham to her, and to chant her mantras and names, in order to live a happy and peaceful life.

Let us worship the great goddess and be blessed.


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