Vaikunta Ekadasi at Srirangam Ranganathar Temple in Tamil Nadu

Vaikunta Ekadashi, also known as Mukkoti Ekadasi, is observed on Margazhi Ekadashi or on the 11th day in Margali month in Tamil Nadu. Vaikunta Ekadashi 2021 date is December 14.

It is a major festival in SriRangam Sri Ranganathar temple (Ranganatha Swamy temple). Vaikunda Ekadasi is celebrated for twenty one days which is divided to two ten days as ‘Pagal Pathu and ‘Ra Pathu. Lord Sri Ranganatha is adorned with tremendous clothes and grand golden and diamond ornaments to give Paramapada Vasal darshanam to his devotees.

On Vaikunta Ekadasi, a grand procession of Ranganatha swamy idol is held at Thirumamani Mandapam. This procession attracts lakhs of devotees from all over India. Lord Ranganatha is attired in the form of the King known as Rangaraja. The divine text, ‘Nalayira Divya Prabandham is recited throughout the day in the temple. Bhajans are sung by devotees and the Brahmins.

Vaikunta Ekadashi is known as Putrada Ekadasi in North Indian states. Vaikunta Dwadashi, the day after Vaikunta Ekadasi, is also an auspicious day celebrated with utmost fervor and devotion in Sri Rangam Ranganathar temple. In Kerala, Vaikunta Ekadasi festival is celebrated as Swarga Vathil Ekadasi. This is the most celebrated day in Trivandrum Padmanabha Swami temple.

Pavai Nombu or Margali Nombu is the important vratha observed during the month of Margazhi or Margali in Tamil Nadu.

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