Uttara Kanda in Ramayana

UttaraKandam is the seventh Kandam in Ramayana. In this chapter, the details about the union of Lava and Kusha with Rama, and the disappearance of Ma Sita inside the earth etc., were mentioned.

Once while Rama had heard about the derogatory remarks made by the Ayodhya people about Ma Sita, from his attendants, he immediately asked Lakshmana to send Ma Sita to the forest. Lakshmana took Ma Sita to the forest, and Rishi Valmiki took care of her and after her delivery of Lava and Kusha, he brought them up very well, and gave training in martial arts and also taught Vedic subjects to them.

Rama also conducted an Ashwamedha Yaga and there he met his sons Lava and Kusha and also his wife Ma Sita along with Valmiki Maharishi. When he tried to test her chastity again in front of the public gathering, Ma Sita went inside mother earth, and vanished. After that, Rama ruled Ayodhya for a period of 11,000 years in a well versed manner. During his period, all the crops were grown properly, and no one has complained him about their problems, and every one lived a peaceful and a happy life. After the end of his life, he went to the Vaikunta along with his brothers, and with the Ayodhya people.

Those who read this Uttara Kanda faithfully would attain all sorts of prosperity in their lives, and they would be blessed by Lord Rama. In most of the Ramayana Upanyasams, the discourser would mention about this Uttara Kanda also. Ramayana is a nice text, and it is read by millions and millions of devotees and still lot of spiritual aspirants are reading it interestingly.

Reading and listening of the holy text Ramayana, would cleanse our soul, and would give great spiritual pleasure. It would remove our mental stress and also our body pains, and would remove our diseases also.

Hence let us worship Lord Rama, read Ramayana and be blessed.


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