Lessons from Ramayana for all the times

The Ramayana pervades our culture life; every character has been presented to the reader in such a way that he or she can mould his or her future in a proper manner. The Lessons learnt from them are applicable to all the times and to all conditions of life.

The Hero is the Embodiment of virtue,knows His obligations, is firm in executing the vows of protection and combines in him very rare qualities. Likewise the Divine Mother who had manifested as his partner, enabled him to establish moral law.

In Portraying Ravana and Soorpanaka, the author of the epic has conveyed the disastrous consequences of falling victims to infatuation. Sister of the former , she was struck by Sri Rama’s dazzle and wanted to marry him. Sri Rama felt that a time had come to cry a halt to her overtures.she did not mind even in the presence of Sri Sita by his side. She was duly punished. Likewise, Ravana committed the sin of separating the divine couple.

Tradition holds that the two should never be worshipped separately. Bharata stand as a symbol of supreme sacrifice and of extreme dispassion. He discarded the kingdom that belonged to Sri Rama but was forced on him and decided to bring him back. Later, when he ruled it as Sri Rama’s representative, he led an austere life, never enjoying power. Anjaneya tested his sincerity and was bewildered by his sleep by his devotion.

In his discourse, Sri Sathyapramoda Thirtha of Uttaradi Math dwelt on the innovatory verse and raised the question how the pronouncement of a curse on the hunter who brought down the male and bird when it was sporting with its mate, could be held as a “celebrated” one. But he said, its apparent meaning as embodying a curse was not satisfactory. The Swami split the words in such a manner as to convey the entire narrative in all the chapters.

On the Sundara Kanda, he said, the poet has termed it as “beautiful”. The Details relating to the sad days spent by the Divine Mother in captivity and the manner in which Anjaneya, as the messenger of the lord, infuses hopes in her, are marvelously depicted in this chapter.

Being a summary of the Vedas,the reading of the Ramayana will fetch secular benefactions and will destroy the evil forces lurking with in us. It is a book of perennial philosophy and if a listener has the ability to discern the inner meanings properly, he will be compelled to observe the code of pious conduct and prosper in life.

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