Urmila, Lakshmana’s wife | Urmila’s 14-years Sleep – Ramayana

Urmila is a noble princess who lived during Treta Yuga. And her holiness was mentioned in Ramayana. She was praised for her chastity and purity. She was the daughter of King Janaka of Mithila and the sister of Sita. She was the dutiful wife of Lakshman and they got two sons.

When Lakshman went to forest along with Ram and Sita, Lakshman didn’t sleep for 14 years in order to look after his brother and Mata Sita in a proper manner. Instead of that, Urmila slept on behalf of her husband Lakshmana during day time also. In total, in a day, she has slept for more than 16 hours, and during the remaining time, she took care of her in-laws in a nice manner. This was made possible after praying to Mata Nidhra Devi, the sleep goddess.

Urmila was well known for her great sacrifice done for her beloved husband, and due to that, she is still praised by the people.

In Rajasthan, there is a temple dedicated to Lakshmana and Urmila. The temple was constructed during 19th century AD by the king Balwant Singh of Bharatpur and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama.

Let us worship Mata Urmila and be blessed.

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  1. Prof.M.L.SAMAGA says:

    That Urmila slept for many hours in a day is a new information to me. Is this detail found in VALMIKI RAMAYANA?