Unjal Seva | Dolotsavam

Unjal Seva is a special kind of Seva which would be performed in the Temples and in the Mutts in India. Among the Unjal Sevas performed in various temples, the Tirumala Temple Unjal Seva would usually take place in the AinaMahal or in the Mirror hall.During the time of Unjal Seva, the Urchava Idols would be seated in the Unjal, and it would be made to Swing and the lamps also would be lighted.

Unjal Seva is performed in order to show our love and gratitude towards the deities, since through their blessings only we are able to survive in this world. God has created us, and make us to take each and every step in our life. He is omnipotent, who dwells in our heart also. We can consider him as our own mother, father, child and friend also. Similar to creating happiness in the minds of our children, by the way of doing Unjal Seva, we are pleasing the deities who are seated in the Unjal. We are honouring them, and showing our bhakti by the way of doing this kind of Seva.

Unjal Seva is practicable since ancient times, and during the time of the Vijayanagar King, Sri Krishnadeva raja, he used to perform Unjal Seva on a daily basis in the temples located in his kingdom. He has wilfully done this act, as per the advice of his Guru Sri Vyasaraja, a great Madhwa Saint, and an incarnation of Bhakta Prahalada.

Unjal Seva is also done is lot of Krishna temples, and in those temples, the Urchava idols of child Krishna would be placed in the Unjal and the Unjal would swing with the help of the temple priests and the devotees. In Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, UnjalSeva would be performed grandly, and the Urchava idol of Prahalada would be seated in the Unjal, and it would be pushed happily by the devotees.

At this present day world, we can get happiness only by the way of pleasing the gods and goddesses, and by the way of participating in various Sevas, like Unjal Seva, performed at the temples.If we willfully do this type of act, then happiness would freely flow in our minds like a vast ocean, and thereafter, we could lead a happy and a stress free life.


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