UmaMaheshwara Vrat (Uma Maheswar Puja)

Umamaheshwara Lord Shiva Parvati

UmaMaheshwara Vrata, Uma Maheswar Puja, is a popular vratam observed for marital bliss. Married couple worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma or Parvati for long and happy married life. Devotees perform Umamaheshwar Vrat to fulfill their wishes and to get rid of their sorrows. In 2017, Umamaheshwara Vrata date is September 6. The legend or […]

Best time to perform Uma Maheswara Vratam – When Umamaheshwar Pooja is performed?

Umamaheshwara vratam is generally performed when Sun or Surya Bhagwan enters into Vrischik rasi. Uma maheswar Pooja is also observed in Kartik month (Kartika masam). Before performing the Vrata consult and take suggestion from a Brahmin. Umamaheshwara vratam is a main ritual to perform on Bhadrapad Purnima, the Full Moon day in Bhadrapada month. Usually, […]