UK, Canada, USA Solar Eclipse November 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse on November 25, 2011 or Pakshik Surya Grahan will not be visible in USA, Canada, other North & South American countries and UK, Germany & any other European countries as well. This solar eclipse will be visible in Antarctica, New Zealand near sunset & some parts of western Antarctic Peninsula.

There is no need to follow any surya grahan ritual associated to Hinduism. No pregnant care is required as it will not be visible among all over the places mentioned above.

Timings of the Solar Eclipse on November 25, 2011

Partial Eclipse begins at: 4.23 UTC (Universal Time)

Greatest Eclipse at: 6.21 UTC

Partial Eclipse ends at: 8.17 UTC

Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) December 2011 in India

Pregnancy and Chandra Grahan or Surya Grahan – Pregnant Care during Eclipses

Pregnant care and scientific reasons behind the rituals

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