Ugadi Panchanga Sravanam, Astrology Predictions & Yearly Predictions on Ugadhi

Panchanga Shravanam is one of the most important rituals and traditions that are performed on the day of Ugadi. After performing the Ugadi Puja and distributing and having of Ugadi Pachchadi, in the evening of Ugadi day, Panchang Shravan is done.

Ugadi 2021 date is April 13. In 2021, Ugadhi marks the beginning of Sri Plava nama samvatsaram Hindu year.

Panchanga Shravanam – Important Ritual of Ugadi

Panchanga Shravan is detailing ones astrological predictions and horoscope details of zodiac signs and nakshatras (birth stars) of the particular Telugu or Kannada year.

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