Ugadi 2022 in Srisailam Temple

Ugadi festival in Srisailam temple is a grand event which is celebrated for five days in Chaitra Masam of Telugu calendar. In 2022, Ugadi celebrations in Srisailam begins on March 30 and ends on April 3. It is celebrated for five days.

Ugadi Pujas begin three days prior to Ugadi and concludes on the following day of Ugadi festival. Ugadi is the Telugu New Year day and Kannada New Year day. The temple attracts several lakhs of devotees during Ugadi celebrations.

The temple festival also attracts lakhs of devotees from Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and other North Indian states. Ugadi is also marks the beginning of Kannada New Year in Karnataka. Ugadi is celebrated as Gudhi Padwa or Marathi New Year in Maharashtra and Nav Varsh in North Indian states.

In the evening on Ugadi day Rathotsavam is held. This particular festivity attracts more than 5 lakh devotees every year.

Ugadi 2022 Celebrations at Srisailam Temple

Ugadi puja utsavams begins on 30th March with Yagashala Pravesham, Vighneshwara Pooja, Shiva Sankalpam and Akhanda Sthapana at 9 AM.

On 31st March and 1st April 2022 – Mandaparadhana, Vishesha Kumkumarchana, Japa Anushatanamulu, Navavaranarchana, Chandi Homam, Rudra Homam and Kalyanotsavam.

On 1st April 2022 – Prabhotsavam for Swamyvaru and Ammavaru & Veerachara Vinyasas in the night.

On 2nd April 2022 – Panchanga Shravanam by Butte Veerabhadra Daivagna and Rathotsavam in the night.

Read the detailed information on Ugadi celebrations at Srisailam Temple

The Ugadi celebrations performed for a period of five days. The festival begins three days before the Ugadi day i.e., Telugu New Years day (Chaitra Suddha Padyami) which generally falls in March / April. Nearly five Lakhs of pilgrims particularly from Karnataka and Maharastra States are visiting the temple during these utsavams.

The important events of the celebrations Vahana Sevas to God and Goddess, Alankaras to Goddess, Veerachara Vinyasalu and Car festival.

The celebration begins with several rituals such as Punyahavachanam, Akhanda Sthapana, Mantaparadhana and Ankurarpana etc.,

On every day of the celebrations various special poojas like Pratyeka Abhishekam to God, Navavaranarchana to Goddess, Rudrahomam and Chandihomam are performed.

An interesting feature is of that most of the people of Karnataka and some parts of Maharastra visited the temple on the occasion of these utsavams by traveling the whole distance on foot and presents their yearly offerings i.e., tamarind, kumkum, saree, mangala sutram, flowers etc., to Goddess Bhramaramba Devi. They also carry Nandikavallu ( called as Kambi in Kannada) on their shoulders which consist of Nandi images and offered pooja to it every day during their travel to Srisailam.

On the night before Ugadi day a particular group of Kannada devotees called as Ganacharis express their devotion by performing the Agnigunda Pravesam i.e., walking on the blowing embers. They are also piercing with sharp pointed weapons to their forehead, tongue, cheek, chin, hands etc. This practice is named as Veerachara Vinyasalu.

The Alankaras offered to Goddess are Mahalakshmi, Mahadurga, Mahasaraswathi, Rajarajeswari and Nijalankarana of Bhramaramba.

The Vahana Sevas performed to God and Goddess are Bhringivahanam, Nandivahanam, Kailasavahanam and Ravana Vahanam.

On evening hours of every day the procession of Vahana Sevas and Alankaras will took place.

The Car festival performed at the evening hours of Ugadi day in a grand manner. About 5 Lakhs pilgrims will visit the temple during the above period.

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