Ugadi 2023 in Srisailam Temple

Ugadi festival in Srisailam temple is a grand event which is celebrated for five days in Chaitra Masam of Telugu calendar. In 2023, Ugadi celebrations in Srisailam begins on March 18 and ends on March 23. It is celebrated for five days. Ugadi Pujas begin three days prior to Ugadi and concludes on the following […]

Ugadi 2014, Yugadi 2014 date, Telugu & Kannada New Year 2014-2015

Ugadi 2014, Ugadi 2014 date, When is Ugadi in 2014, Ugadi date in 2014. Ugadi is celebrated on Chaitra Month Pratipada. In 2014, Ugadi date is March 31. It is Telugu & Kannada New Year day. Ugadi, Telugu & Kannada New Year, is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra Month. In 2014, Ugadi date […]

Ugadi Festival

Ugadi also known as Yugadi is the New Year Day according to Hindu Calender. Ugadi in the year 2020 is celebrated on the March 25th. Ugadi is derived from the words, Yuga which means the era or year and aadi which means the beginning. It is also believed that Lord Brahma created the Universe on […]

Ugadi: 11 April 2013 (Telugu & Kannada New Year)

Today, 11 April 2013 is Ugadi (Telugu, Kannada New Year day). It is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and all over the world where Telugu and Kannada population lives in large numbers. Ugadi 2013 marks the beginning of Vijaya Nama Samvatsaram. It is the 27th year in 60 years of Hindu calendar cycle. Ugadi […]