Tulsi Vivah, 7 November 2011, Tulasi Kalyanam

Today, 7 November 2011 is Tulsi Vivah (Tulasi Kalyanam). It is observed mainly on Ksheerabdi Dwadasi. In some places it is also observed till Kartik Purnima. Some people also observe it on Devotthana Ekadasi (Prabhodini). As the whole month of Karthik is dedicated to Vishnu Puja, Tulsi Damodar Dwadasi Tulsi Puja is even more auspicious and meritorious ritual. Starting from this Dwadasi, devotees can observe this puja till Kartik Purnima day.

Tulasi Shaligram Vivaha celebrations

Prior to Tulasi vivah, Tulsi Mandap or the place where Tulasi plant is located in the home is cleaned and decorated as a venue for wedding. Amla plant or a branch is also planted in Tulsi mandap. Vivah mantras are chanted along with some special mantras like Vishnu Sahasranama / Tulsi Kavacham / Vishnu Astottaram, etc. Vishnu Aarti & Tulsi Aarti are offered during the end of Puja.

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