Tula Rashi Natives & Navratri Durga Puja

This article on Navratri Durga Puja for Tula Rashi (Thula Rasi) natives explains about the Goddesses to be worshipped by Libra sign people. It is the most auspicious period of time to worship Goddess Durga and get divine blessings.

The Tula Rashi natives those who are Dasamahavidya Upasakas (Sadhaks), should perform ‘ Shodashi Mahavidya Puja’ (Lalitha Tripurasundari Devi Puja).

Those who perform Durga Devi Upasana, can observe Brahmacharini Maa Puja.

Who is Goddess Shodashi Mahavidya?

Shodashi Mahavidya (Goddess Lalitha tripurasundari) is the third of the dasamahavidyas who is the Goddess of Srichakra. She is also known as Goddess Rajarajeshwari meaning the one who rules the universe. She is said to rule the three cities of Tripura. Read more about Shodashi Mahavidya…

Who is Brahmacharini Maa?

Second Navdurga Mata, worshipped on 2nd day of Navratri i.e. Ashwin Shukla Dwitiya (Preeti Dwitiya). Read further on Brahmacharini Mata.

For Tula Rashi natives, Ashtami tithi in every month is the highly auspicious day to perform vrata / puja.

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